1Card Manages Reward Cards and Coupons

Get this virtual wallet for stress-free shopping! 

I love to shop and use coupons. Once in a while, I clean up my wallet, but it got filled up within weeks with cards. I looked out for a solution and found it. If you shop a lot, this review might help you.

1Card, an iPhone app, helps users in handling all the shopping tools such as redeem cards, loyalty cards and mobile coupons in a convenient way. After launching this app, users need to sign up for a new account with Tracknose, the makers of 1Card. If they don’t want to spend time on this, they can login with their Facebook account.

1Card has five sections – Wallet, Map, Add, Offers and Tracknose. Users can add a new card through Virtualize Card option. They need to input details like card type and barcode to virtualize. They can also add a photo of a card. These virtualized cards will appear in the Wallet section of the app for use.


Users could also subscribe for cards. However, this feature can help only Italians. The Offers section of 1Card, sorts deals by Nearby and Favorites. Users can edit personal information in the Tracknose section. This area would also let them filter out all the available deals by their personal preferences.

The interface is pretty clean; even then 1Card needs a Help area. Many users don’t have that patience to explore the whole app to get familiarized with things on their own. It comes loaded with a lot of deals for Italians, as it comes from an Italian developer. Let us hope that users from other parts of the world would get the same privilege soon. And again, many parts of the app is in Italian. I think the developers should look into it.

 1Card is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or later. This app is just 5.2MB. Therefore, you can give it a try just by sparing a few seconds. If you struggle a lot to find the right discount coupon while standing in line, 1Card might be your savior. This app is also available for Android platform.

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