Brush with Jackson – Teach the Healthy Habit to Your Kids

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It is very important to teach kids how to brush their teeth in the right way. Proper brushing ensures vital health. According to dentist, one should brush at least for two minutes – that’s right 120 seconds. If you can’t devote 2 minutes in the morning for your teeth, that would create some serious trouble to your dental health.

Brush with Jackson, an iPhone app, inspires kids to brush their teeth for the recommended two to three minutes. After launching this app, users can find instruction about how to use it. In the main screen, users could see a rabbit, Jackson with the paste and brush. Users can let it brush by tapping the Paste and Brush icon.

It has two songs Here We Go Round and Rock & Roll to motivate and engage them to it. The Movie option would let users record any particular part of the animation. Users need to tap the Movie icon to start and stop recording. While playing the recorded part, Brush with Jackson needs to differentiate it from the main animation.


Otherwise, it would make the new users struggle a bit. By tapping the Whistle icon, users could make the Jackson play instruments with its toothbrush. Jackson can also respond a bit – he could giggle when his tummy is tickled and squeal when poked. These small things would amuse kids a lot.

Brush with Jackson works on portrait and landscape modes. However, I would suggest users to try the landscape mode. A timer would be a handy addition to this app as it could provide maximum result for the brushing activity. As it has lovely animation, the size of the app is around 60 MB. Therefore, downloading it with Wi-Fi connection is advisable.

Brush with Jackson is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.2 or later. I think this app is nearly flawless in animation and concept. Moreover, it has a purpose. Certainly Brush with Jackson is worth a try if you have kids at home. There is also a HD version available for iPads.

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