Arcane Dragons is an Action-Packed Fantasy World

Calling all fans of RPG games that suspend you from new heights of adventure and thrills. Arcane Dragon is a game you have to download now! Available to Android users running at least version 3.0, this game plunges you into a fantasy world filled with dragons in flight. Your mission is to choose your fighter of choice and to battle against dragons who have gone rogue and threaten to destroy your world.

What makes this gaming app really neat is that you can play it in different modes: there is Player vs Player or co-op mode. You can play one way for a while and switch over to another mode when you feel like it.

PvP mode is really neat because you can play with friends one-on-one or three-on-three. This adds some variety to the game.

The overall game setup is very close to the traditional arcade-style fantasy, and it masterfully captures a unique artistic style that is characteristic of this type of game.

First thing you do is choose your character class. Choices are:

  • Archer – specializing in quick battles, this character wields a bow crafted with precision that allows this ranged attacker hero to move swiftly
  • Warrior – an expert in wide ranged attacks and unique forms of combat, this melee hero has trained to the max making you the ultimate fighting machine
  • Wizard – a ranged attacker hero who has mastered ancient knowledge and is specialized in tactical combat, this class of dragon sprinkles elements of magic in its attacks

After selecting who you are, you are armored with protective gear and weaponry. As you advance through the increasingly challenging levels of play, your choices for armor and tools will grow to exceed your expectations, helping you win more battles.

When I first started playing I was engrossed with the impressive graphics and fluidity of movement the app presented. You really got a sense of being a part of this new world named Allensia. The colors are bright, the images are vivid, and the caricatures are so well drawn; it took me back to days spent in the arcade.

I nice feature of the game is the ability to not always be alone. Yes, you can have a pet by your side as your wield your sword. You get a choice of pets based on the type of character you choose to become and you can summon your pet to your side for as long as you need, then send him away when you are done.

Should you find yourself running out of time and options to advance further into the storyline, then you can make a few in-app purchases to keep gas in your tank. There are 30-day and 90-day Ruby purchases and packages ranging in price from $0.99 to $99.99.

I really could not say much negative about this app. It has so skillfully arranged a storyline amidst a saga that you must work through. The maneuverability was a bit tricky and it may have just been me, but it took a while for me to get a hang of moving my character around and use my weapons.

I look forward to getting to the next level to see what the future holds for my village and my world.


Rating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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