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The Best Learning App Trusted by Over 2 Million Families – LogicLike: Games for Kids

A learning app for kids is like a complete package. It improves your kid’s logical thinking, problem-solving skills, & vocabulary and enhances their knowledge in multiple areas. According to a recent survey, kids aged 5 to 10 get the maximum out of it. With the play store over-saturated with educational apps, finding THE ONE that best suits your needs might be overwhelming. Here’s the best.

LogicLike: Games for kids is an educational app developed by LogicLike – Educational Games and available on the play store. The app features 2500+ logic puzzles curated by an experienced team of professional educators and psychologists coupled with appealing animations. Its mission is to show children that learning can be fun and has been enlightening young minds for eight successful years.

The scope of games includes 3D geometry, chess, math, balancing & weighing, world around us, logic brainteasers, and more. With a 6-month subscription, not only do you make the best out of the app but also get a 3-day free trial. Even subscribing, some games are available for free to check if LogicLike is worth your money and kid’s time.

The first thing you do after installing the app is to choose your child’s grade. That way, the app will curate and present your child with age-specific content that drives their memory, logic, and focus. Puzzles are categorized and collected into games. By solving them one after the other, you get a benefit similar to learning a course.

For every puzzle your child solves correctly, in addition to awarding them points, they will be cheered up with positive affirmations to celebrate small wins. It helps your child gain confidence, grow as they learn, and believe in themselves. All the puzzles and games have voiceovers to help them engage with minimal or no adult supervision.

Even if it’s educational content, too much screen time for eyes so tender will only do more harm than good. To ensure your child spends not more than 20 minutes playing games and puzzles, LogicLike prompts them to take a break once it’s time.

You can check your child’s progress in the parent’s corner. You can also track the puzzles they solved, with and without mistakes, and the ones they gave up, date-wise. Every time they complete a specific number of puzzles, they will be awarded Start, Pro, and Expert certificates. You can also check where your child positions themselves among their friends, on a town level, and across the world. The app is available in 7 languages, including English, to cater to the needs of parents worldwide. However, changing the language resets your child’s progress and starts the course afresh.

It will not take long for you to ascertain how valuable the app is, and be glad to pay a nominal subscription to keep the momentum going. At times, though the app takes time to load, the unique learning experience the app offers makes it a must-download.

Download LogicLike: Games now and share it with your friends to enable your kids to make the best out of their leisure time.


get it on google playRating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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