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5 Pieces of Tech Every College Student Needs

It’s getting to that time of year when students start preparing for college. This fresh start can be an exciting yet daunting experience initially, and with college, there comes a lot more independence. This means it’s down to you to bring all the important equipment necessary to aid you with your studies.

There’s no better way to prepare for this new start than with some fresh pieces of tech.  We’ll look at five pieces worth investing in here.

Reliable Computer

For college, a dependable and reliable computer is by far the most essential piece of tech you will need. A college students desktop should be fast, reliable, and also compact. This is because you may find yourself on the move a lot as a student, between college and home. So, a portable desktop can be highly useful. In general, desktops are faster and more reliable than laptops so it’s a more efficient way for you to complete your work and keep it all in one place since desktops have large storage space.

Printer / Scanner

While there has obviously been a large shift to digitalize most aspects of higher education, there are still important uses for a personal printer/scanner. It will save you numerous lengthy trips to the library and save you printing costs in the long run. It will allow you to print out important files and timetables to pin up on your wall. As well as this, it can be useful to print out reading materials (there will be lots of them) so you can annotate and highlight them much easier.


During your studies, you will be doing a lot of walking around campus as well as trying to study without distraction. A great pair of headphones is the perfect piece of tech to help you with this. While the headphones that come with your phone may be suitable for now, there are better options for music lovers and for noise cancelation purposes.

USB Stick / External Hard Drive

Even though your desktop computer will have plenty of storage, it’s always highly recommended to back up your files on a secondary device such as a USB stick or external hard drive. Apart from backing up your files, this piece of tech is highly useful as all your work becomes completely portable and you can access it from any device with a USB port, making working on the move incredibly easy.

Portable Charger

On-campus, you won’t always have access to an outlet, and if you’re doing college right you should be spending a lot of time out of your room. We all know how important phones are, so portable phone chargers are great to carry around with you, just in case.

These are the most important, if not essential, pieces of tech that will set you in good stead for your college experience. If you begin your studies with this equipment, you’ll be more than ready to begin the hard work and get your degree.

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