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Toolbox for Keynote Mac App with Tool Sets that Empower

Packing power to your presentation punch has just become easier! If you are an avid user of Keynote on the Mac, now you can enhance your experience by downloading and using Toolbox for Keynote.

Keynote, as so many know, is an awesome tool overflowing with a well-designed interface and desktop that makes presentation creation easy and fun. It takes the headache out of finding and editing images and clip art to suit your specific needs and provides a myriad of layouts and backgrounds so your information pops from pages.

Different types of content can be presented in the best way when placed on backgrounds and laid out in certain ways. Knowing this and having the tools to allow for this is what makes Toolbox for Keynote so unique and valuable.

When you first download Toolbox for Keynote you immediately see just how easy it is to use. It fully lines up with the ease of use that is part of the Apple family.

toolbox for keynote

After downloading, you can navigate throughout the app to see what it has and what interests you most. This is important because you will need to know what modules or pieces you wish to purchase. Your best option right from the get-go is to purchase the full bundle of features for $49.99. The reason I say this is because you get a lifetime of updates included with this bundle – a must for folks who create presentations on a constant basis.

If buying the entire bundle is too much to start with, you can pick and choose from six different product sets:

  • Keynote Themes – boasting over 100 items, these are designed professionally and offer a range wide enough for any type of presentation.
  • Layouts for Keynote – these are themes loaded with extras like matching charts, maps, diagrams, and other elements; you get over 100 of these, as well.
  • Infographics – over 2100 chart themes, flags, maps, data visualization sets, and diagrams to choose from
  • Graphic Styles – set your presentation apart from the rest with customized bullets, patterns, frames and characters
  • Elements for Keynote – put your personality into your product using doodles, icons, badges, and more
  • Clipart Prime – over 700 images with superior quality

Prices for these product sets range from $9.99 to $19.99, so this may be a better way to go initially.

What I really liked about Toolbox for Keynote was how vividly it displayed my content and how it organized my work pieces across the desktop. It was so easy for me to find what I needed, quickly.

The only thing I would recommend changing would be to offer some smaller bundles of product sets. I like that they sell a full bundle, but it would be nice to package up smaller bundles based on different usage scenarios. This app is also available for iOS.

I will be sure to immerse myself into the tool to learn more about what it offers so I can make the best use I can of Keynote and create colossal presentations.


Rating: 10/ 10
Price: Free

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