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Do you find yourself spending endless hours scouring and fishing through posts in Facebook? Love Pinterest but wish you could interact more with the folks who have posted on topics youve pinned to your bulletin board? Well, now you can merge the best of both worlds and find it automatically in one app 6Tribes.

Yes, there is an app that lets you engage in riveting, informative and stimulating social settings based on what interests you!

Anthony Rose, creator of BBCs iPlayer, has taken the notion that people love to social online, and has pumped it up a notch by making it mean more. Why socialize with just anyone? If thats your thing, great; but, if you are looking for a specific type of crowd off whom you can bounce ideas and really connect with, what better way to do so than by doing so in a network that revolves around your interest.

6Tribes offers a multitude of topics and areas to choose from. Your job is to download the free app and then find what floats your boat; or something that youve never done before and want to learn more about. Youll connect with other folks you have the same interest and may even spawn a new relationship in cyberspace. Who knowsif that person is located locally, you may even make a new friend to hang with.

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The app itself is an easily navigated engine that hooks you in through Facebook, so connectivity is seamless and you can easily share what youve been up to, or not, through Facebook. While simple to use, 6Tribes is no dummy. It uses sophisticated information crunching algorithms to collect and study your Facebook persona to gauge what your interests are so that your experience on the app is the best it can be. There is no limit to the number of tribes you can join in 6Tribes, and the research it does on your Facebook data helps it suggest tribes that my interest you.

Some fun ones I came across ranged from crafting to eating: Wanderlusters, Festivalistas, Kung Foodies and Coffee Geeks. You can get in and follow a forum, or dive in and become entrenched by posting feeds and photos. The sky is the limit.

Safety and appropriateness is also key to 6Tribes. Members self-police their posts and fellow members ensure that nothing goes up that should not. The app also has an upvote mechanism called Bump, similar to what Reddit uses.

The only downside to 6Tribes is the fact that it requires users to have Facebook accounts. What if a potential user does not have that account and simply wants to join 6Tribes and check out tribes that interest them without worrying about suggestions from the app? The app has essentially shut out all of those people.

This app is the perfect way to get to content that matters most to you, get to crowds that have more in common with you, and learn more about areas that interest you. Its a definite download!


Rating: 8.5/ 10

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