Motivation Hits All the Right Buttons

Comes with a straightforward and no-nonsense design!

Everybody loves puzzles, especially those that used tried-and-tested formula, and that is exactly what Motivation, the new Android logic-and-puzzle game, offers. Featuring a basic concept, it involves plotting your path through a seemingly uncomplicated grid using a number of arrows to get the ball from the starting point to the exit without getting trapped, until such time that you complete all 140 levels.

Here, you have a ball – named “Roland” – that you must bring to the exit by using a combination of arrows. The path must be made across a grid-based setting, with the environment different from one level to the next. Each level poses a different challenge, each one getting more difficult than the previous level. It’s a basic and simple concept, but the difficulty is presented by the limitation posed by the arrows, which are all angled at 45 degrees and pointed at a fixed direction. These arrows will be used to plot or lay out the direction that Roland will take, which means the path must be laid out before you start rolling Roland.


It takes a simple tapping motion to start playing and move Roland through the grid and to the exit. However, you need to first map out Roland’s path before you start rolling him, because once he starts, he will have very little control. Use the 8 arrows to plot Roland’s path, but take note that you can only use 4 types of arrows at any given time to change the direction of the ball. You see, there are arrows that you won’t be able to use. For instance, the arrow pointing directly behind the ball, or the direction it came from, won’t be useful. In the same way, the arrow pointing to the direction that Roland is headed will also be useless when the purpose is to change his direction.

The goal here is to reach the exit in every level. There are a total of 140 levels, and completion of each level could earn you Stars as well as other Achievements, which will prove to be very useful since these are rewards that have equivalent uses as you go through the levels.

motivation screenshot 2

Since it utilizes a simple and basic game concept, many would probably say that it does not have any unique aspects. Wrong. What makes it unique or fun may not be its original game concept; however, the beauty of Motivation lies in the challenge posed at every level. With a straightforward and no-nonsense design, the focus of this game remains on the objective or goal; there are no unnecessary distractions. As each level becomes more and more challenging, the player will get more and more motivated to reach Level 140 and complete the game!

For many players, Motivation runs the risk of becoming boring, since it comes in a basic blue color, with a very simple interface. One could say that the very simple and straightforward look of this app is a double-edged sword: it’s very unassuming, to the point of becoming forgettable (in terms of appearance). It’s a good thing that the app more than makes up for this appearance with its challenging game play.

Visually plain or not, there is no denying that Motivation hits all the right buttons, as far as logic-and-brain puzzle games go. More and more people are becoming hooked and determined to bring Roland to each exit, and with 140 levels to go through, things are bound to get trickier – and more fun.

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