Handy Note Free for Taking Random Notes

Customize your notes as per your wish!

Most of us have the habit of writing diary regularly or making important notes. Here is an app which will possibly help you with it. Handy Note Free is a free version of Handy Note Pro developed for your galaxy note 2. College and business projects notes can be taken down efficiently with Handy Note Free. It not only organizes the notes, but also gives you the feeling of writing on a paper.

You can use the magic pen to write down the notes in your own handwriting. Now you don’t have to carry heavy and bulky diaries everywhere. The users are free to draw diagrams or insert text, photos, videos, shapes and symbols as per their wish to make the notes look more like a hand written one. There are various customization options available in Handy Note Free which increases its flexibility and makes it different from other note making apps.

handy note free

Most importantly we like to keep our notes and diary away from the reach of anyone. This feature is also available in Handy Note Free. You can save your note as private and set a password to it. This enables you to keep your notes confined to yourself only. The customization options provide a brilliant display to your note. You can specify the time and date for every note you make. The background color can be changed and so the font color.

To create a note, you need to tap on the add button and select a template. After this you are good to go. Add the note by using text box. The emoticons available here are quite funky and brings out an interesting look of your note. You have the access to calendar, files and other applications too. Any kind of file can be attached to the note to make it interesting and precise. These notes can be shared via evernote in social networking sites as well. This combination has proven to be quite vital.

Handy Note Free

There are few differences regarding the pro and free versions of Handy Note. As far as Handy Note Free is concerned you cannot synchronize with the drop box. In the free version, the sharing of note through ever-note is limited to a certain time period. For extending this limit you need to upgrade it to the pro version. There are various free templates, but all of them cannot be accessed in the free version. To upgrade Handy Note Free, the users need to buy the Handy Note Pro Key.

As a whole, this app is pretty useful and has a different touch. The cover of every note can be changed which are designed to look similar as that of a regular diary we use. But there is always a possibility of forgetting your password so we need to be careful while setting a password. Also the customization options are tricky and confusing, not everyone can use it easily. It may take some time to get used to it.

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