Tank Domination HD – A Warfare Game in a Different Setting

Tank battles to dominate the world! 

Love playing games where there’s a crowd involved? Sometimes, it’s just more fun playing against actual players, rather than the computer. Tank Domination HD offers just that. You are in the year 2023, and greedy military superpower corporations have taken over to duel to the end for world domination. Each corporation has its fleet of tanks that roam the land, searching, destroying and capturing real estate to grow the corporation’s empire and to secure much needed resources for survival. Still sound like something that might
interest you? Read on.

The game hinges on a multiplayer platform. You play 10-on-10 in each battle on maps that span three different regions of the world. This makes it pretty challenging and interesting at the same time, as you are playing with people, not software. Each map contains walls, barricades, buildings and other structures that are highly destructible. This lends towards the dramatics behind the game, as you maneuver around them, targeting tanks and firing away. The effects are pretty awesome when things blow up, firing up your drive to move on and conquer.

Tank Domination  HD  screenshot

The more tanks you target and destroy, the more experience points you earn. Once you reach certain levels, you begin to acquire more advanced weaponry, ammunition and many more modifications to your current stock at hand. You can customize your tanks as you grow in experience and collect more features and modifications. Each tank stores and maintains its own set of statistics, which allows you to determine features you may want to modify to change-up your game. Choices range from firing power, to types of turrets, and speed of tanks. You figure out what your strong point is and make changes to leverage it or make them stronger. You learn to create your own tactics according to your style and the statistics help, because they guide your choices.

Tank Domination HD screenshot 2

Tank Domination HD is available for free on iPad, so you can play it on a good size screen, allowing you to see more and make more strategic decisions. Graphics are 3D and pretty good. The sound effects also add to the overall look and feel. A quick-message system available amongst players allows for tactical engagements across your team, which makes you more cohesive and collected across maps. You can somewhat group up your team and rally behind a plan, to strike out and conquer.

The only downside to this game is that it currently is only available on the iPad. Having it other devices and being able to pick up where to you left off, any time of the day, wherever you are, would be nice….Maybe the graphics and amount of “stuff” happening requires bigger screens, but I am guessing players can be the better judge of that.

Otherwise, for a free game, Tank Domination  HD worth a try if you like the MMO genre and are looking to play it up with fellow gamers online. It introduces camaraderie and requires a skill set you only find in warfare types of games, but in a slightly different setting, where there are 20 actual players online with you, where some are on your team. Download and check it out.

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