Notebooks Turns Your Random Notes into Organized Documents

For convenient task handling!

There are several notebook apps created for productivity by iOS application developers. These apps let users capture their random thoughts in the form of notes, create task lists and set goals to increase their productivity. But each app has one or more shortcomings stopping them from becoming one complete solution for these types of requirements. If any app has ever got close to providing the all-round solution users crave for, it is the Notebooks for iPad app. Created by Alfons Schmid, it is the solution to all your notebook requirements. So let’s find out what is so special about this app.

Notebooks for iPad is essentially created for iPads only. It has countless useful features but let us start with the most important of them all, taking notes. With this app you can create documents at the simple touch of your fingers or stylus, save them according to dates or usage and cross reference them at any time you want. It allows you to create nested documents creating a book like hierarchy so you never lose track of your notes. Documents can be nested up to many levels in this way.  The app can also import and edit documents of various formats like MSOffice, iWork docs, HTML and such from other iPad apps and mails.


One salient and most important feature of this app is the task handling. You can convert any document or list into a task and vice versa. Like nested documents you can also create nested tasks, set different target dates for each, assign alarms for them and check them off as they are done. Each document has an action menu that lets you play with it in many ways apart from just creating tasks.

Voice Memo recording allows users to record documents via audio and play them later for easy referencing. The app saves your documents automatically, meaning you never lose your documents. Full screen typing mode makes creating documents easy and you can use the plain text editor or in the WYSIWYG format. It can import web pages from Safari and turn them into a plain document which is great for researching. Also useful is the ability to import, open and edit zip files.


Notebooks is highly secured. It can be password protected from the settings or individual documents can be password protected as well. It also gives a running count of the number of words in the book MSWord style. Search option allows users to search all the documents in one book at a go which is very useful if you have created a large book.

It is very difficult to find weaknesses in such a robust app but there are few. The lack of a universal search may be troublesome if you have created too many books. Also some web pages cannot be imported or loaded properly which will surely be fixed in the next versions. But, all in all if you are looking for a complete solution to take care of your virtual notebook needs, you have got the perfect app right here.

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