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Your phone is supposed to help you run your daily errands in a more convenient and efficient way. However, if not managed well; the phone can be your greatest distractor. There are at times when some calls and texts are unnecessary and they can wait up to other times. Nonetheless, it is sometimes difficult to resist a call and you may find yourself being distracted a lot by phone calls and text messages to an extent that you are messing up your life.

In more critical and serious scenarios, people have even lost lives because of concentrating on a phone call or a text messages. There are many reported cases of people involved in car accidents, others being injured by dangerous industrial machines just for a simple reason that they were busy on the phone and they forgot to concentrate on what they were doing. Nonetheless, all is not lost as there is something that will help you manage your phone in a better way and you only have take calls that are most important and at the right time. This is the Call Manager.

Call Manager screenshot

It is simply an android app that will help you manage your calls and text messages. By this it means that with this app you will only be able to receive calls at the time when you want and from the people that you want. The rest can wait until a scheduled time where you may allow those calls to come as well as the text messages to be received.

One of the greatest features of this app is that you can categorize your contacts. You can put the contacts into categories like friends or family. These people can be given priority and you may receive their call at any time of the day and night. However, with the other contacts you may schedule when to receive the calls or texts. Thus, when you are busy and you do not wish to receive a call, the call will automatically go to voicemail. There might be another category of people that you may not want to receive their calls at all. With these people, you can block them permanently and you will never get calls from them.

Call Manager screenshot 2

There is nothing complicated with using this app. Once you have established that your android phone is compatible with the app, you will then download and install the app in your phone. After you have done this, the next task will be to set your call plans. This is when you will put the contacts into different categories; all with different permissions and different time schedules. You might choose a plan where you will be receiving calls from certain times to some other times. You can also schedule your phone to go to sleep at some times and this will be done automatically without you doing it manually day after day.

With Call Manager, you can assign every group of your contacts a unique ringtone. This way you will be able to determine whether it is a very important call or not and from which kinds of people. When upgrading to a newer version from version 1.30 and below you will have to reinstall the widget since the widget is unresponsive. Otherwise this is an excellent app.

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