Temporary Lock Keeps Your Droid Secured

Prevent nosey people from peaking in!

In today’s world, a big chunk of our lives is saved on our phones. This calls for you to have serious protection for your phone or else your private life would be open for everyone to see. Basically, every phone comes with an option of controlling who gets to access to your phone. However, most of these methods have limitations like the inconvenience that comes with having to input a password every time you need to use your phone. This is the reason why Temporary Lock was developed.

Temporary Lock aims at allowing you to use your phone conveniently yet still keeping the level of security high. Owing to the many times that we need to use our phones, having a phone that requires you to input a password every time you need to use the phone can be a bit of a bother. On the other hand, leaving the phone without any form of access control will leave you exposed to everyone who can get hold of your phone. Some of these people include workmates who have access to your office, young children or even friends. Sometimes, the phone can accidentally unlock the keypad and make phone calls to random people when it is in the pocket or as it is shaken from one part of the bag to the other as you walk.

Temporary Lock

Temporary Lock addresses all these issues by allowing you to set up a password that will prevent anybody who doesn’t know it from accessing your phone. This app also has widgets that enable you to easily decide whether you are going to lock your phone with a password or if you’ll leave it standby with the normal swipe to unlock.

In order for this app to run well you need to have a compatible android device and to allow the app to act as a device administrator. After download and installation, you will be prompted to allow the app to be a device administrator. After that you will be required to set your preferred pin then you will be good to go.

Temporary Lock Screenshot

To ensure that this app serves you best, you need to add two widgets on your home screen so that you can easily control what you do with this app. The first one is the standby widget that allows you to lock your phone using the normal swipe lock and the other one is the one that will enable you to lock it with a pin code. The swipe lock is perfect for situations where you don’t want a lot of protection while the pin lock is good for use where you need to control access like when the phone is charging.

The normal android password lock can get very annoying since you have to input the password if you leave your phone unattended for a few minutes. Even after making a call, you have to unlock the keypad to use the phone again. Temporary Lock allows you to decide whether you will lock your phone with a password or just the normal swipe to unlock. The two widgets take phone security to a new level since you will be able to easily set up pin-lock for the few one-off times when you need more security.

Although Temporary Lock functions very well in providing overall security for the phone, it does not provide individual security for individual parts of the phone like the gallery, text messages or email from unauthorized access. If you forget to set up pin-lock, users will have access to all other parts of the phone. That aside, it is very a very effective app for providing security for android phones.

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