Brain Jam – A Perfect Thinking Game with Fun Puzzles and Challenges

Most gamers love a good challenge. The best feats about gaming are working through a challenge, accomplishing a goal, and the game declaring you as the winner. Brain Jam is one of those games that keeps each user plugged in for hours at a time. The game is very addicting because they have a variety of puzzles and logic games to make each user think their way through solving the game. The game is available in the google play store for free, and you cannot help but notice the fact that it is pulling in an average review of 4.3 stars.

The logo is unique featuring remnants of the human brain inside of a lightbulb, which describes the core of the game perfectly without using words. The app is very colorful and vibrant, which is very attractive to a younger audience. Some users might look at a game like this and think that it is for adults only, but it crosses over most age demographics starting at about ten years old.

The app has three sections filled with a different set of games. Those sections are Starter, Escape and Fill, and Microgames. The starter section is basic with levels that most kids should be able to get through. Brain Jam increases in difficulty as you complete each level. The learning curve for each of the games in the level is low, which is good since it is hard to hold the attention span of younger age groups in today’s gaming market.

Logical games are great because it acts as a workout for the human brain forcing the user to use memory, lateral thinking skills, and reflexes to achieve success. Any game that encourages their users to think outside of the box is always a plus, but Brain Jam excels in this area because it is not overwhelming, and it will not cause any headaches. The riddles for certain games within each level are fun too because they take a different approach in terms of engaging the user.

The only downside to Brain Jam is that after a user plays a few games, it forces them into watching advertisements. You can skip through the ads, but it is disruptive to gameplay, especially when you are on a roll and in the process of keeping your brain occupied and sharpening your cognitive skills.

To conclude, Brain Jam is the game for you if you are an avid problem solver that likes a bit of challenge in their gaming adventures. You can use the app with friends and work together to solve those tougher riddles, or you can play by yourself and boost your brainpower. Brain Jam has a high potential, and it stands out against its competitors. If you do not mind the advertisements, then this is the game to download. The developers plan to update the game on an ongoing basis with more trick and engaging levels to keep the game fresh and up to date. They are very responsive to their customers, and you can tell that they take a customer-centric approach in the way they engage and interact with users of the game.

All in all, the power of Brain Jam is unmatched.

get it on google playRating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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