Bricks Color Pick – An Interesting Twist to the Classic Araknoid game

Bricks Color Pick game

You probably have come across many games where you have to crush bricks through a ping-pong ball that keeps bouncing off a plank, and your job would be to position the plank in such a way that the ball does not fall off below, and aim the ball to the direction of the bricks. This game, Bricks Color Pick, is a modification of that concept, and quite a good one at that! In Bricks Color Pick game for Android smartphones,

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Download Videos and Songs in 3 Simple Steps from YouTube With Airy YouTube Downloader

Airy app

YouTube has so many good content, that every once a while you wished you had access to that particular video without having to go online, or when the internet connection isn’t as good as it is, that is why you need an interface that allows you to download videos from it. However, almost every such interface is bloated with adverts and pop-ups. Thankfully, you have one such extension that does not harass you with any of these, the Airy YouTube

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Take Control of Expenses and Save More with Debby App

Debby app screenshot

Not knowing where your money goes on a daily or monthly basis makes it difficult to save and to plan for the future; and, let’s face it, not all of us have an estranged rich aunt from whom we’ll inherit a fortune. Most of us have to rely on our own income, allotting that towards necessary expenses, and then using the rest in a way that targets our goals. While many folks have different ways of tracking expenses, one of

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Solitaire Classic Era – Classic Klondike Card Game : An addictive Way To Sharpen Your Brain

Solitaire app

For a game with less than 28MB of size in your smartphone, the Solitaire Classic Era – Classic Klondike Card Game is one of the best ways to spend your idle time and sharpening your brain at the same time. Of course, earlier it would have meant for you to travel with your own deck of 52 cards to play the game, but this app reduces the weight of your pockets. Furthermore, you also have the option to customize the

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Find and Rent a Car Fast with Finalrentals

FinalRentals app

Serving the U.A.E. market, Finalrentals Rent a Car Dubai is an app that makes finding and finalizing your car rental easy. The app is free to download and is laid out in an easy to use way, so you won’t waste time scrolling through screens trying to find what you need. The app works out of most airports and malls, so pick up and drop off is convenient, saving you time. The first thing that impressed me upon download was

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Plexiword – Build Words in a Puzzle Driven Game

Plexiword word

If you like word games and are looking for something different, it’s time to give Plexiword a try. This game is a free download, powered by in-app ads that you can pay to turn off, but viewing ads also gives you extra coins which translate to hints in the game. Plexiword is puzzle-like game in that you get to build a word using a set of provided letters. You are also provided a hint in the form of letters or

Continue Reading – The Incredible Online Arcade Game You Might Need Just Now! was the trailblazer for io games but since then, developers have come up with different but similar versions to it. This has enabled subscribers to explore a wide range of rich options that serves their needs even better. is one of the trendiest io games available out there now. This game is also similar to but comes with even more exciting features. game is fun and can be quite addictive. is available for free on

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ReceiptFriend – Never Lose a Receipt Again

ReceiptFriend app

You’re at the store and you’ve just checked out. The salesperson hands you a receipt and you stuff it in your pocket. Fast forward to a few days later and you scramble to find that same receipt because you need to return part of your purchase. You can’t find it, because you left it in your pants that you washed yesterday. We’ve all done it. Lost a receipt, one way or another. Now, you never have to worry about losing

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