Influence Your Buyer Persona with Mobilo Card

Have you ever wondered why tap-and-go services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay succeed? Contactless technology is emerging in more aspects of our everyday life; from payments which don’t require us to take cash out of our wallet to games which can be updated and interact with video games. Mobilo Card is an innovative app, developed by Lulu Systems Inc. based in New York City, that has both NFC and a QR Code integrated to guarantee your targeted

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Mobilo Card – A Powerful, Smart Business Card of the Future

Mobilo Smart Card

With the dawn of the era of mass production in the mid 18th century, trade and businesses have been constantly growing in volume and complexity. Technological interventions have provided a fillip to various business processes. But one area where we have lagged is in the field of networking. The business cards, which have their origin in the 15th century China, seems anachronistic with the demands of the modern world. This gap is filled by Mobilo Card. Featuring the Near Field

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