Mobilo Smart Card

Mobilo Card – A Powerful, Smart Business Card of the Future

With the dawn of the era of mass production in the mid 18th century, trade and businesses have been constantly growing in volume and complexity. Technological interventions have provided a fillip to various business processes. But one area where we have lagged is in the field of networking. The business cards, which have their origin in the 15th century China, seems anachronistic with the demands of the modern world. This gap is filled by Mobilo Card. Featuring the Near Field Communication technology, this modern business card completely overhauls the way we develop our business relationships.

Mobilo Card is one of its kind networking tool that not only replaces your old-fashioned paper-based business cards but also makes the process more reliable and faster. It looks just like your regular business card but with the help of communication technology, it delivers much more than that. With a simple tap on a smartphone, Mobilo Card transfers all your data to the recipient in a fast and secure way. Everyone knows how useful a tool the business card is when it comes to boosting sales. Their popularity is a testimony to this fact, for the business card industry is worth $1.2 billion in the US alone. But this industry is not very environment-friendly or efficient. Every week millions of business cards end up in the trash. Mobilo Card changes this. With only one card not only can you connect with thousands of potential customers out there but do so much more. At the same time reducing a negative externality on the environment.

Mobilo Card also allows you to integrate your various social media accounts such as Twitter and LinkedIn, and update them in real-time. So, you can boast of your entire professional journey to your client with just one simple tap, saving your time and making a lasting impression. This functionality was offered by eBusiness cards in the form of CD-ROMs, a while ago. But it was cumbersome and not quite efficient. Mobilo Card is an ergonomic solution for the same.

With its ‘Lead Generation’ function, you can also save people’s credentials to your device. Networking and generating leads can help you tap into the social capital which is a critical component of business growth. Mobilo Card makes this process hassle-free. Also, you can utilize it while giving presentations as it can be linked with various websites and video links.

So far so good. But in the end, it all comes down to the pricing of the product. Mobilo Card does not disappoint on this front as well. The firm offers you two packages, Mobilo Branded and Fully Personalized, with an only one-time upfront cost of $7 and $39. With the latter one, you can fully personalize the card with your company’s logo and any other information printed on it. The basic package offers you all the functionalities discussed above except you cannot customize it. Its affordability makes it suitable even for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just beginning their professional journey.

Mobilo Card will work well for you in most of the situations. But some people still rely on older feature phones and there is a new trend of moving away from the smartphones. Such situations are tricky when using a high-tech business card. Although Mobilo Card features a QR code that can be scanned by some phones, it won’t cut much ice with feature phones. Also, the Basic Branded package will make your business card similar in appearance to the others using the same. It won’t help you stand out in the first look, unlike the regular business cards which offer much more versatility.

Everything has a flipside to it. Every investment comes at an opportunity cost. Nonetheless, if you happen to work in the real estate industry or a trading business where frequent but quick interactions are a part and parcel of your everyday life and your success depends on them, then Mobilo Card seems to be worth giving a shot.

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