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If you have been searching for the right app or editing tool to put your videos in a perfect fit, Resize Video is the app for you. Many people may want to post their videos on different social media platforms, make video ads, or simply put their videos in a different size from the original. But, they do not have a perfect tool to fix the videos. With this app, not only do you have options to crop your videos to give it a different size, but there are also excellent features that would blow your mind. Stick with me if you want to go on this mind-blowing ride.

The name says it all, “Resize Videos.” Where you can crop and reshape your videos, but what the name doesn’t tell you is how to go about editing your videos and the amazing features this app has to offer. The app is quite easy to use the app, with no difficulties whatsoever. All you need is a video, and you are all set to work.

Once you open the app, you see an option to create a project. You will be directed to your gallery when you click on the project option to select the videos you want to edit. After choosing a video, you can begin to edit your work of art. There are over 10 resize and crop aspect ratios available on the app, both vertical and horizontal. It also has a custom resolution option where you can customize your aspect ratio and crop it to fit into your screen completely or fill a frame. What is a cropped video without a background? The background and borders have 18 solid colors and a blur option for you to choose from. This app makes resizing your videos easy and fun to do.

Clideo app

 Most of us love to post our videos on social media platforms, but each media platform has a different ratio, and not all videos can fit in. That shouldn’t be a bother either. One of the amazing features of the Resize Video app is its provision of presets for all social media posts and ad types. The app provides for over 90 social media platforms like; YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, and many more. Click on whichever platform you would like to upload your video on, and it will automatically resize your video to fit into the frame of that platform. After editing your videos, you can share the results with your social media platforms. 


Despite its excellent features, the app has a slight default. Not everyone likes a watermark on their videos, but the app inserts a “Clideo” watermark on every video you edit through it. However, you can stop the watermark from showing on your video if you pay for a monthly or yearly subscription to the app. The subscription is quite affordable, and it offers more benefits to using the app. Like more aspect ratio options, more social media presets, and a watermark-free video.

Head to the App Store to download the Clideo Resize Video app and put your videos in good shape to fit into any frame.


Rating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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