EZCOMMA for Android– Lessons on Correct Comma Usage


A highly handy tool! EZCOMMA is a grammar app that is both fun and useful in its simplicity, making it a highly handy tool for aspiring writers who are seeking to develop their writing style, as well as experienced writers who are looking for a tool that will simplify the writing process even further! Usually, it takes years and years for one person to start from learning how to write to becoming a good and an even better writer. With

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EZCOMMA – Learning Correct Comma Placement the Easy Way

Learn those pesky rules of how to use commas correctly!  Correct comma usage can get tricky when you start analyzing your sentences deeply and start second-guessing what you have written. We all have moments when, while we are typing away an essay or even a simple email to a work colleague, we question whether or not a comma has been placed where it belongs. Most of us are not grammar experts, and although we have learned the rules early on

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