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Slotpark – Play without Losing Money

This application is currently available only in some of the European App Stores. This game application focuses on slot machines, and offers many rounds of play. No actual money is involved in the application.

When you first open the application, you will first see a welcome screen that walks you through how the game works and the features of the game. When you first play the game, you will be given 500 coins. Once on the main menu, a number of icons will appear. In order to play in a specific room for slots, you must first download the room. Once you do that, you can enter the room and begin playing.

You hit the start button to get the wheel turning. You can change the bet by clicking the “Bet 4” button, or by clicking the “Max Bet” button. To continue the turning of the slot, you continue to press the start button.

On the bottom of this screen, there are three buttons. The first button says, “To Park.” This button returns you to the main menu. The second button is a small gear logo. This button represents the settings. On this page you can change sounds effects, turn on notifications for “Daily Bonus,” “Time Bonus,” “Promotions,” and “News.” You can also turn the animations for the game off and on from this screen. From this screen, you can also link your slot account to your Facebook page. You can also like the application’s Facebook page from this screen. Other features of the settings menu, you can rate the app, look at the apps website, look at the help menu, and see legal information about the application. There is also a feedback menu and a make suggestion button.


The final button on the game screen, is the “Winnings” button. When you click on this button, it shows you the charts to understand how much each logo and turn is worth in coins. This menu also goes into detail about the specific features for this specific slot machine. The rules are also presented on this specific menu.

As of right now, this application offers 23 varieties of slot machines. The interface for this application is very easy to follow and understand. The only issue I see with this app, is understanding how to properly place bets, and understanding how the game works. There is no game tutorial, so one would assume that the application creators expected users to already know how slot machine games work.

Overall, this application is simple to understand and use. Little changes are needed to make this app perfect. For a slot machine novice, this game offers an easy and free way to get that same rush that comes from playing real slot machines.

As you play more, and win more on the game, you will build experience points and reach new levels in the game. As you reach new levels, the game unlocks more content, and rewards the user with more coins.

This application allows users to still enjoy the thrill of gambling on slot machines, without the fear of actually losing your money. Hopefully, the application will be expanded to other application stores, so that people outside of Europe will be able to play and experience this application.


Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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