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After undergoing major reconstruction, Castle Breakout is ready with new challenges for its players, better graphics and more rooms to explore and make your way out of that are free. Three additional rooms have been added that you have to pay for to play, but they also come with an exciting ride around the castle on a fire-breathing dragon!

This walk through provides basic flow, hints, tricks and tips to make the most of your adventure in your attempts to break free from the castle that engulfs you. Please remember to follow the steps as numbered; trying to do so otherwise won’t work.

The castle is made up of ten rooms through which you must traverse. Each room has a task or puzzle that you must solve and undo in order to move from that room to the next. Follow as we move from room to room:

Castle Breakout – A video escape game with live action animals

Escape Castle Video Walkthrough – Lisa at AppUnwrapper prepared this video walkthrough.

Room Alchemy

  1. There’s a table, and a drawer to its right. Pick up the knobfrom the table and place it on top of the drawer.
  2. Take the chest clasp that’s inside the drawer.
  3. Go to the chest in the corner and open it using the clasp. Take the map displaying different colored potions from the chest.
  4. Find the owl and tap on it. From its beak, take the blue vial.
  5. Find the red vialand yellow vial on the table.
  6. Now, go to the chemistry set. Using the map of colored potions, select two vials at a time and place them on the table to make a different color/potion (red + yellow = orange, red + blue = purple, and yellow + blue = green). Pick up the three potions you just created.
  7. Go to the door and insert the three potions into the slots in the following order: purple, orange, green. The door is now unlocked, freeing you to move on to the next room/level: Blacksmith.

Room Blacksmith

  1. Find the key, pliers, bellows, and hammer and pick them up.
  2. Push the barrel over to find a gold ingot. You’ll use the ingot later to make a key.
  3. Use the hammer and anvil on the ingot, then pick up the ingot.
  4. Open the chest with the key. Take the bowl of sugar water and place it on the window sill. A hummingbird will come for the sugar water and drop a piece of gold ingot. Pick up the ingot.
  5. Move to the forge. Put the bellows on the table. Add the three ingot pieces to the pot turning the handle to melt them. Finally, pour them into the key mold. Use the pliers to extract the key from the mold.
  6. Cool off the key mold by dropping it into the vat of water. Pick it up and use it to unlock the door and make your way to the next room.

Room Armory

  1. In the corner, you’ll see a hammer and spear shaft; pick them up.
  2. Go to the iguana on the table and feed it all the apples from the bowl. Move the bowl and take the candle.
  3. Use the hammer to break the tile under the table. Use the candle to see the spear head. Make a spear using the spear shaft on the spear head.
  4. Use the spear to remove the shield and get to the key. Use the key to unlock the door and continue to the Dungeon.

Room Dungeon

  1. Get to the red book that is hidden behind the shield in the corner of the room.
  2. Turn left from there. The open book on the table will show you where on the shelf to put the red book. Place the red book on the shelf and tap it until it’s in the spot is should be. Then open the little hidden compartment in the wall to get the key.
  3. Use the key to unlock the cage and take the weight.
  4. Place the weight on the pedestal. Look behind it to see three X’s. Go to the door and tap those same three X’s to unlock the door and head to the kitchen.

Room Kitchen

  1. Pick up the bowl that’s on the table.
  2. Turn around and move the flour sacks; this will uncover a key.
  3. Unlock and open the cabinet with the key and get the ladle.
  4. Use the ladle to pull out the cabinet knob from the pot that is on the stove.
  5. Turn and look for a bowl of vegetables in the closet. Move the veggies until you find another cabinet knob.
  6. Turn around again and fit both knobs on the cabinet doors. Open the cabinet and take the plate.
  7. Place the bowl and plate with the other dishes. Take the key that’s under the painting.
  8. Use this key to unlock the door to the Great Hall.

Room Great Hall

  1. Pet the dogs until they kick out a key from under them. Then take it.
  2. Turn left towards the table. Take note of the green Roman numeral I. Look under the table to pick up a gear lever.
  3. Take the chair from the head of the table.
  4. Place the gear lever by the gears and pull down on it twice. Place the chair down next to it and climb up to see the purple Roman numerals IV.
  5. Look up at the shield on the right to see a red Roman numeral II.
  6. Solve the math equation to see the green Roman numeral III. Note that each game may have a different equation to solve.
  7. Solve the colored puzzle by putting the four Roman numerals you found in order. It goes green, red, green, purple. Take the ring.
  8. Place the ring on the door and insert the key in the lock and enter the Throne Room.

Room Throne Room

  1. Tap on the chairs. Get the slab of meat from the wicker basket; then, find the key on another chair.
  2. You’ll see a lynx and a crown by the throne. Distract the lynx with the meat and take the crown.
  3. Turn around and place the crown on the pillow. Take the scepter.
  4. Fit the scepter into the slot by the throne. Use it as a lever to reveal a puzzle on a wall safe. Rotate the tiles, and then open the safe to take the drawer handle.
  5. Turn and place the drawer handle on the drawer. Open the drawer and take the scroll with “654321” on it.
  6. Unlock the gold puzzle right above it by rotating each piece until it says 654321. Take the second key.
  7. Use both keys to unlock the door and go through to the bedroom.

Room Bedroom

  1. Notice the number that are on the frame of the painting.
  2. Go to the trunk and change the number on there to match the order of what’s on the frame.
  3. The trunk opens to reveal some treasures. Remove the match from it.
  4. Light the candle that is on the table. This will reveal a pattern.
  5. Grab the key that is hanging on the wall.
  6. Notice the colored patches on the bed and on another trunk. Use the color order to change the color order on the trunk. This will open the trunk.
  7. You see a chess board. Create the pattern that is on the wall onto the chess board.
  8. This unlocks the door and send you to The Chapel.

Room Chapel

  1. Look up to the window and remove the blue film from one of the windows. This will reveal a metal piece the floor.
  2. Near the holy water, find and grab a book from the floor.
  3. Grab a candle from the table with the red cloth.
  4. From one of the shelves, grab the tin can. Collect holy water in it.
  5. Put the filled tin can where it was and put the candle on the shelf next to it. This will open a block area under the tin can to reveal another piece of metal.
  6. Place the four metal pieces around the lock on the door. The longer one will be at the bottom and the three small ones will be at the West, East and North positions, creating a cross.
  7. This unlocks the door and lets you through to the Courtyard.

Room Courtyard – last level

  1. Go to the stacked boxes. Move the top one over to the right. This will reveal a key.
  2. Grab the metal rod from the hay bales.
  3. Grab the burlap material.
  4. Grab the telescope. Use it to open the metal box that’s mounted on the wall. This will reveal a lever. Turn the lever to turn the fountain in the courtyard off.
  5. Pick up the fork part of the pitchfork from under the table. Connect it to the metal rod to make a pitchfork.
  6. Move the bales of hay using the pitchfork to reveal three different colored horseshoes.
  7. Using the same color pattern, change the colors of the horseshoes that are on the round metal plate to match. This reveals a wheel of symbols.
  8. Wet the material in the fountain and wipe the concrete bench to reveal symbols.
  9. Select the symbols you find on the bench on the dial that’s back in the room. Every time you select one, hit the button. The symbols light up. Once done, you are free!


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