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Have a Small Business? Then Use Apps

They are said to be boosting the productivity  A series of recent studies suggest that a plenty of small businesses are using smartphone apps for their daily operations. There is an app for anything and everything. It seems like small businesses too are inclining towards the using the mobile apps. In the US alone 72 percent of the small businesses are using apps for their businesses, while 70 percent of enterprise executives use at least one app for their business.

And the Smartphones Are Used For….

Checking and sending mails A recent study by Google Insight says smartphone users obsessed with checking mails with their device. Google tracks all the latest trends in the digital world through its service Google Insight. Its latest study says, apart from making and receiving calls and sending and receiving text messages, people use smartphones mostly for checking and sending mails. 82 percent of the smartphone users are using their device for this.

Internet Marketing VS App Marketing

Know the difference to excel Many SEOs confuse the internet marketing with the app marketing. They are nearly the same, but app marketing has one additional dimension. Let me discuss it here. In internet marketing, generally the SEOs have to make the surfers visit the site and they don’t have to worry about other things associated with it like whether they are clicking the ad or buying a product or a service from the site. The site owners need to

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WiFi2HiFi App Updated to Perfection

Turn your iPhone into wireless audio receiver  WiFi2HiFi, a popular music app for iPhone has been updated to Version: 1.0.2. WiFi2HiFi can act like an additional audio output on your computer, allowing it to provide streaming support for all popular audio programs on the Mac and PC. This popular app was developed by Clever and Son, a Swiss app maker.

Top Free Education Apps for the Android

Get them and start learning  If you like to read and learn a lot then your Android phone can help you in this. These top education apps are now available for free. Get them now and transform you Droid into a mobile library. Learn English with!: This is an app from the famous online community It has extensive vocabulary with more than 3,000 words and key phrases and covers 150 different topics using day-to-day situations. This app requires

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Protect Your Smartphone From Viruses and Malware

Especially if you have an Android There has been a huge rise in the number of smartphone malware over the last few months and undoubtedly Android is the most affected platform. These malware and viruses are used to hack personal information including back account passwords. Generally, these malware reach smartphones when users Visit a fake version of a real website (Phishing). Install pirated copies of legit apps Get apps from unofficial sites Access public network through any hot-spot (Wi-Fi snooping)

Want to Earn Million Dollars by App Making?

Know what it takes  Well, it looks like every app maker can become a millionaire, if they can sell five hundred thousand apps. We noticed a recent infographics that “explains” how to earn million dollars by selling an iPhone app. The following facts show the funniest side of truth. –          An average app price in the App Store is US $2.45. –          Out of it the credit card charge is US $0.37, processing fees is US $0.02 and Apple takes US

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How to Use Facebook for App Marketing

Use fan pages effectively Social Media Marketing is a popular concept that has been used by app marketers for some years now. If you know how to socialize in Facebook and Twitter, you can easily gain exposure to your products. Let us see how we can use Facebook effectively for marketing. The first thing you must do for marketing your app is developing a good site for it. It plays a significant part in branding. It is better to have

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One Super Idea to Market Your App

Use the power of the content  Internet marketers have been using one powerful tool for some years now. However, app marketers never seem to realize that. Yes, it is the content. If you visit Android Market, you can understand what I am taking about. There are some apps that charge US $3 for a download and have four lines for an app description. If you are a developer of Facebook or Angry Birds, then you don’t have to worry about

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