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Track World Currency Rates with iCurrency Plus

Know the currency rates on the go!  Currency rates change every second and if you are in a business that has something to do with the currency conversion rate, it would really be a headache to track these changes. Let me suggest you a solution in this review. iCurrency Plus is an iOS app that helps users monitor the changes in the currency conversion rates. As the rates will be shown in almost real-time, accuracy is guaranteed. It shows graphical

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Learn to Balance with Four Seasons Planet

Know your physics to master the game! Balancing is an art and skill and it needs some experience and practice to master. If you think you are not good at it, then it is time for some practice. Today let me introduce an app that can help users learn how to balance. It is Four Seasons Planet! After launching this app, users can find a padlock on the top of some boxes. They need to remove the boxes and keep

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Baby Learns Colors Lets Them Play With Colors and Learn

Add Colors to the iPad! Teaching babies is very difficult task indeed. According to many, it is harder than teaching adults. However, if you have the right approach to proceed and right tools to assist, it would be fun and learning experience. If you have babies in your house, this review would certainly help you teach them. Baby Learns Color is an education app that could teach the colors for the babies older than one year. With three animated skins

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Plan for Your Retirement Years with RetirePilot

Start counting the pennies now!  People say retirement is the ugliest word in the language. However, if you are wise you can do what you like to do best even after the retirement. So, planning plays the crucial role here. If you need guidance, this review would certainly help you. RetirePilot is an iPhone app that helps people to plan their assets so that they may not struggle financially when they retire. After launching this app, it asks the users

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Spread Your Mood with MoodPanda

This is the right animal for the job!  People want to share anything and everything with friends and other acquaintances, thanks to the social media. Let me introduce a specialist in this area, which lets you spread and track your mood – MoodPanda. I have already used this app and now I got a chance to try it again. This app has come fully redesigned and looks much better than what it was a few months ago. It has six

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Stay Away from Viruses and Malware with NetQin Security and Anti-virus

Get it and play safe!  Android is the most vulnerable platform for the viruses and malware, thanks to the popularity and the to the open market. If you have an Android device, it is very important to have an antivirus app. This review would help you find one. NetQin Security and Anti-virus is a well-designed antivirus software for Android devices. After installing NetQin, it asks users to update the database and scan the device. As there is a ‘Quick Scan’

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Physics Chemistry Maths Formulas: Formula MAX

Learn the formula in the way you like! I preferred humanities for my graduation as I was in no mood to learn all those formulas of Science and Maths. There were alphas, gammas, Xs, Ys etc., Apart from giving me a tough time, they put me to sleep. This area was really not my cup of tea. However, if you are in a similar situation, I think I could help you out. Read further….

Build Your Word Power with Word Search Free

And of course kill time when you can afford to do! English is really a vast language with hundreds of words adding to its vocabulary daily. Many among them manage to get into the language and some of them get modified while some other words fail to get wide acceptance. There are also some words which were once spoken has now become obsolete. Therefore, it needs regular updating if you want to be a writer, no matter whether you are

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