MAYU – Fun Messaging that Moves You and Your Friends


Messaging is fun. We all know it. We spend hours every day posting things, back and forth. It’s the way to stay connected in our world of remote engagements. What if you could have more fun doing it? How much more fun can it get, you ask? Well, download MAYU Animate and find out. MAYU Animate is an app that’s an easy download, makes messaging come alive and creates a whole lot of fun to anyone who receives a message

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EasyDash – Simple Yet Intuitive Reminder App

EasyDash app

There is nothing worse than making plans, or scheduling something for an important meeting, and then forgetting about it. What is even worse is having to write everything down manually, wasting paper or taking time out of your day to plan out your schedule. Many apps have claimed to make things easier on you, but have not delivered. Instead they crowd your phone with notifications, unnecessary updates, and more. If you have been looking for an easy way to organize

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Patience and Focus Are Key to Accumulating Points in Dice Online

Dice Online game

The game is one of patience and strategy. It is not fast-paced and is a way to unwind and relax. This online game is a simulator of the Bone Dice game. The objective is to accumulate 1000 points through a number of dice combinations. The game is played with 5 dice. Each dice is a six-sided standard dice which are rolled or swirled in a wooden goblet like was done with the ivory bones of the original game. The games

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Learnia Teaches Skills in Fun Surroundings

Learnia featured

Learning does not happen like it used to. Nowadays, much of what we learn, either adults or children, is online or in a computer learning app. Learnia is one such creator of entertaining and effective apps that bring basic concepts that kids from grade 1 through 3 need to learn – all in their control and from their iPad. Learnia is an app that teaches kids math and spelling for these three grade levels. Users can purchase what they want,

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Road Draw Hill Climb Rider – Motorcycle Mania Moves from Desktop to Mobile

If you have ever played Road Draw, the desktop version, then you have to download its mobile version now. Taking the motor racing game mobile couldn’t get better than this. The creators have recreated the game to the tee and placed it in the palm of your hand. Now, you don’t have to wait until you are in front of your computer, you can play whenever you want. Sporting a racing theme, the app offers up a multitude of motorcycles

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SpamHound – Stop SPAM the Easy Way

SpamHound app

Are you tired of getting SPAMMED? All of those annoying interruptions from automated senders can get irritating really fast. If you are looking for a sure fire way of preventing unwanted guests from entering your online abode, then you need to download SpamHound soon. SpamHound stops the never ending barrage of marketing gimmicks that you never signed up for. True to its name, it’s like having a watch dog by your side. Once you download the app, you can set

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2 Minutes in Space – Get Away – Really Far Away

2 Minutes in space featured

Ever wish you get just get away for a few minutes? Standing in a line that doesn’t seem to move? Is your boss piling you on with more and more nonsense? Then it’s time to download 2 Minutes in Space. While the app won’t literally launch into the outer reaches of our atmosphere, it will take you away from whatever it is you need to escape. It’s a simple arcade-like game that puts you in control of a spaceship, looking

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Vimepot – Be the Riddler that You are, and Profit from It

vimepot website

Every once in a while you’ll take a quick video clip of something that is a bit out of the ordinary, or not quite what it seems to be from the outside. It could be someone famous doing something, but with only a portion of their face showing. It could be an indistinguishable part of something that, when viewed in motion can be detected by the keen eye. Whatever the case, you may have captured these very unique moments and

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Secret Calculator Vault Keeps Important Files Undercover

Secret Calculator Vault app

Data storage and security are hot topics today. With the explosive use of the Cloud, it’s hard to know just how safe your files are when you put them out on app that claim to provide easy solutions to storage. The key is that everyone knows what those apps are. If your iPhone or iPad has apps for Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, DropBox, or any one of the many popular storage solutions, then it’s all too obvious how to get

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CloudMounter – Access Your Cloud Services Easily

CloudMounter app

Data storage has moved from physical devices to what we call the cloud. Nebulous at first, the cloud seemed like a solution that could work, but for skeptics, it was something to be wary of. Today, nothing in terms of computing and data management can be done without the cloud. Everyone uses it – including individual users. If you are a Mac owner and want an easy way to access each and every cloud account you own, then CloudMounter is

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