Encounter the Evil Forces with Haypi Dragon

Train your beast to stop the destruction! 

Multi-player games are great as they could make the gaming experience interactive. These stress busters can help improving the mood and get back to the actual life motivated as they allow attaining some virtual victories. Online multiplayer games can also help meet new people. If you are looking for an online multiplayer app, read further.

Haypi Dragon, a physics-based iPhone game, lets users challenge players all around the world. After launching the game, users could find a lot of areas like PVP, Task, Play, News, Explore and Warehouse in the homescreen. This dashboard is actually bigger than the iPhone’s screen size. Therefore, users need to move it a bit to know all the available options.

The objective of the game is guiding the dragon to bomb the opponents within a few seconds. As the players progress through the game, there may be more dragons to face and they have to face a few obstacles too. However, players can upgrade themselves with weapons and defense. After completing each level, they can collect coins for this by spinning the wheel.


To add to the spirit of challenge, they can also join with an online player. Haypi Dragon displays real-time global ranks of players around the world. After gaining some expertise, users can also look to conquer the mysterious island that could reward them a lot more. The Treasure Map of warehouse could help them in this.

As it has a lot of options, Haypi Dragon would demand some effort on the part of the users to understand this game. Therefore, they need to navigate through the app for a few minutes before start playing. The developers have added a Help area inside Settings – this app really needs this! As it is an online multiplayer game, it won’t work without Internet connection.

This free app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 3.0 or later. It has a few in-app purchases ranging from USD 0.99 to USD 9.99. When you get into it, Haypi Dragon has all the stuff to excite you. It has a story, it offers challenges, and it really deserves a try!



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