Facearound Solves Your Navigation Problems

Let your Facebook friends guide you!

There are a lot of applications coming up to support the social networking arena. Designed for iPhone and iPad users, Facearound is ideal for every person interested in the social networking world and wants to be connected to their friends all across the globe. Catch up on the news and happenings, what your friends are up to and everything else, to stay updated throughout the year, when you are on the run. Moreover, you can also explore the places around you – find out about hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, florists, cobblers and others. With the help of geolocalization, explore the map or any part of the city that you want to!

Facearound screenshot

It provides the offers for a particular product, exactly mapping out the locations for the users. With different colors, Facearound makes locating places on the map easier for you. It selects only those deals that are convenient for you and are in your locality. You can view your friends’ comments and opinions on everything in Facearound. You can also know where your friends are and you can let them know what you are doing. This can be done by uploading where you are and what you are doing. This information gets viral to all your friends.

Facearound screenshot 2

For maintaining a balanced social life, from keeping in touch with your friends to knowing about the important locations, across the city, well defined on a map, this app brings you the results on your preferred parameter. At the touch of the fingers, you get the entire city in front of you. Ideal for iPhone users, it appeals to the technology-friendly people. Though, Facearound seems to be a useful app, we are not sure whether it provides users the deals and offers that are really best.

With a space requirement of 18.8 MB, the app is compatible with iPhones, iPod touch, and iPad, requiring an iOS of 4.3 or later. Facearound supports English, German, Spanish and Northern Sami. This app, sold by Italian developers Business Competence, is available on PC too – app.facearound.com. Hope an Android version is around the corner.

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