DRIVE.NET – A Global Car Show in the Palm of Your Hand

This app is an online forum for car lovers!

We all have something we are passionate about, and for those who simply cannot get enough of cars, there is DRIVE.NET. Sure, you can go to car shows across the country and mingle with owners of classics and cutting-edge transportation, learning about everything there is to know about how they came to love what they own. However, how many car shows can one attend? How easy is it to fly across the country, let alone the world, to see those rare finds that may be halfway around the world?

Fret not – simply download DRIVE.NET. This is an app that runs on both iOS and Android, is free, and takes you anywhere you want to go. You can join communities of car lovers based on models and years, or you can join a community that focuses on cars built in the early 1900s. Whatever your passion, DRIVE.NET can provide the forum to let you immerse yourself in car heaven.


This app is an online forum for car lovers around the world. People can join and then post pictures of their own cars, cars they love, or cars they wish they had. In these posts, they can blog a bit, or just add a few comments about what they have just shared. This app can serve as a great blogging venue for those who love traveling by car, allowing them to chronicle their adventure at intervals of their choice. You could post on a daily basis and talk about stops made and things seen, or you could talk about how well your car performed climbing up a mountain range or racing through a blistering desert.

The only limit is your imagination. The world is your audience and you can share what you wish. The app’s interface is extremely easy to use. Note that full functionality is only available when you register with the app. This requires creating an account using an email address.


Once you create an account, you can start posting wherever and whenever you like. You can also comment on others’ posts and reply to comments made by others. If you don’t feel like posting a message or a comment, you can simply Like those posts that are your favorites. If you want to join a community specific to a car genre or topic that interests you most, that is also available. You will receive Feeds on topics that you sign up for, making your experience that much more informative and interesting.

What would be nice is to see some interaction or connectivity with other social media realms such as Facebook or Twitter, so you can really spread your wings and share across communities. However, because this is meant to be a social networking venue for car lovers specifically, it may not make sense to share with outsiders who may not take interest.

As a free app, this is a great way to share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on cars. You could even learn a great deal about cars that you otherwise would never have a chance to. Going back to the concept of not being able to attend car shows that might be taking place globally, this app serves as the perfect replacement and a free passport to any show in the world.

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