Fishing with Grandpa

Fishing with Grandpa – Educational Fun on a Fishing Trip

No one knows stuff like Grandpa. Hes got tales longer than a monkey, and wisdom thats deeper than the Grand Canyon. If your childs real grandpa is not around, nothing beats Fishing with Grandpa, for an enriching experience all kids will love.

Fishing with Grandpa lets kids take a virtual day off spent with Grandpa. They get to pick what to pack, choose their very own hook and reel and a lure to make the fish come flying out of the water. The fun doesnt stop at just fishing; there are underwater games, puzzles and more all designed to teach lifelong lessons that bring value to kids, ages 3-6. Heck, if you never had a chance to fish with your grandpa, this might prove the perfect replacement.

Kids will love this game because it provides a unique way to teach manners and lessons that are so important for kids. Parents and teachers love Fishing With Grandpa because it puts into a real-world context simple, but powerful, lessons that help kids become responsible citizens, able to cope with whatever is thrown their way.

While inherently a game, this app teaches kids how to handle rough situations, disappointments, triumphs and interactions with others, all while fishing with Grandpa.

Games vary in skill level and variety, offering something for all ages:

  • Find the Gear. Kids get to find things like anchors and treasures.
  • Fish Groups. Helps teach counting by asking which group has a certain number of members.
  • Crabby Mazes. Spatial exercises in which kids must lead the crab to the hidden treasure.
  • Fish Puzzles. Put together pieces to see which fish swim these waters.
  • Spot the Difference. Amongst a group, which bird is the oddball?
  • Fish Colors. Sensory and sight are tested when kids are asked to touch the green fish.
  • Measure the Fish! Find out just how long the fish is. Then try it on something else!

Extending off of the basic games, kids will find the interactive extras especially engaging:

  • Choose a Lure. Kids get to pick their lure, and learn about which ones work best in certain situations.
  • Cast line / Hook Fish. Actual fishing in a virtual setting.
  • Reel it in! Completes the fishing experience.

The fun and learning never end and keep kids busy in a way that parents know is productive and beneficial. We all love spending time with our kids, but sometimes they need some time with others on their own. If grandparents are not nearby, Fishing with Grandpa brings him home to your kids, in the easiest way imaginable.

The only thing lacking is that kids could grow bored of the current set of exercises, so adding new features, interactive extras based on the abilities of the player may help evolve the app and almost customize it for each user, keeping them hooked.

This is a definite download for anyone whos been looking for a safe and educational app that bears meaning and value.


Rating: 9/ 10
Price: $2.99

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