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Selfie Games – Mobiles Make for More Fun at Parties

Looking for something new to do at your next function, whether it be at home or with your team? Look no further than Selfie Games.  It’s a new gaming app that involves players ranging in number from 3 to 10. There are no limits to the age; this is a game for all. In a nutshell, it’s a game that’s similar to Pictionary, but involves selfies at the heart of the pictogram.

Sounds interesting? Well, you won’t know how captivating it is until you download it and play it with a few friends. Selfie Games currently has one game to play, and the app is free to download. However, if you wish to play Sketchies, one of the players needs to make an in app purchase to unlock it.

Once unlocked, Sketchies is available for unlimited game play, but remember, a maximum of 10 players is allowed and you must have at least 3 players.

So, I mentioned Pictionary, which probably conjure up some old memories. While players drew pictures based on prompts, Selfie Games has players take a selfie and draw a picture that includes the selfie based on a prompt. Once each player has create their baseline doodle with caption, other players must take that same selfie and prompt and provide a prompt they think is closes to what the originator has. This means everyone’s guess gets shared.

How do you share? Well, that’s where even more fun comes in. Selfie Games can be displayed on computers and tablets, but the real winner is projecting the game on TV. Yes, Selfie Games talks to Xbox One, Chromecast, Fire TV and Smart TVs, so you can get the images on the big screen for all to share in the fun. It’s no party unless everyone gets to share in the craziness of those doodles and captions.

Features include:

  • Colored Doodles – you get two colors to choose from in each doodle
  • Easy Setup – one person needs to have the app and make the in app Sketchies purchase. The remaining players can either play via the gaming website ( or from within the app. All they need is the 6-digit game code from the player who purchases Sketchies.
  • Editing – you can erase you doodle and start all over if you don’t like it or if you change or mind midstream.

While you play, or even after, you can save the pictures that you like best. If there’s one that made you bust at the seams, you just have to save it. There’s nothing better as a quick pick me up as looking at something that made you laugh hysterically.

What would be nice in future updates would be the ability to forward these drawing elsewhere to be shared. I also look forward to the next game that Selfie Games has to offer.

I plan on making Selfie Games a part of a few get togethers I have coming up soon. I’ve tried it on one set of friends, who just didn’t want to stop, and I look forward to getting another group hooked.

This game is also available on other platforms: Fire TVApple TVAndroid TVWindows and Xbox OneiPad and Mac

Post was sponsored by Buzzito LLC, makers of Selfie Games


Rating: 10 /10
Price: Free

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