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I must start off by saying I was most pleasantly surprised. There are so many kids’ channels out there that I absolutely did not expect anything significant with this specific app. I was wrong and can justly say that MooTV Kids is one of the best kids channels I have used in a long time and it features a vast selection of content. I loved that your choices can be narrowed down to age appropriate content and you can filter your choices through a few easy selections.

This means that you can be assured that your child is only watching content from selections you make. There is a variety of animated content, from cartoons to educational content to choose from. These selections can be updated and changed and you can have more than one login which means you can manage these choices for each user in your family.

When comparing content and quality, MooTV Kids is one of my favorite kid’s channels and most often the go-to in our family. With the evolution of technology, the ability to distract and entertain kids on the go is easy to do task. I have found this app a great new addition to road trips or simply being effective in waiting out long queues or offering distraction during shopping trips.

MooTV app

The app was easy to download and can be accessed through the Google Play store. Once downloaded you are required to register which then enables you to select your preferences concerning content and favorites. There are so many awesome choices, something for everyone’s taste. From traditional favorites to the more current, recent choices, you can access these in minutes.

While you can directly access a number of popular and even some of the traditional favorite’s within minutes of signing up and registering your profile, I do think that the instructions can be a little more clear and easy to follow.

The app starts up on the easy registration page but you are then requested to select your channels. It took me a while to figure out that there is a small, almost watermark in the corner of each of the choice you need to highlight to indicate your choices to include it to your favorites. The app then records these preferences giving you options of content from these specific channels.

In addition, there is a search option where you can simply type in the details of your choices, and these are brought for you to choose from. A few ads appear but are no intrusive and do not take away from your viewing. I honestly never noticed them after a few minutes.

The content quality is excellent, and routes the user to the channel content in YouTube. This is quick and easy to navigate between your choices and you merely have to manage this through the app. 

I found using this app means that my kids enjoy a broader access to content rather than being limited to the choices when using a CD or DVD. Now, each child can access their favorites anywhere and with earphones, this can be used in small confined places like road trips or while seated in a cart at the store.

get it on google playRating: 8 / 10

Price: Free

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