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Passwords Keeper – Let Technology Keep Your Passwords So You Can Get Down to Business

There’s nothing worse than trying to log into an app that you haven’t been in for a while, or when you have to login to an app after you’ve updated it. You’ve been using it for months, and suddenly you are expected to remember the password. If you are a good password generator, then you are not reusing passwords across different accounts. If you are looking for a password storage app that takes away the pain and hassle of remembering passwords, consider Passwords Keeper.

This app will store your passwords securely. Even our app won’t have access to them. What it will have is access to encryption that your passwords undergo. So, when you go to login to an account, your device will have the decryption needed to use the password – and only you will ever see them.

For every account you setup in Passwords Keeper, you can save the username, password and even the website. All of your passwords are also protected by a master password that only you know. When you are ready to access that account, all you do is tap on the account name from within the app.

What makes Passwords Keeper worth trying is that it is simple to use and it’s secure. Simplicity is key because the last thing you need to manage a variety of passwords is a complicated system that keeps them. The app also incorporates a 6-digit PIN lock, facial and fingerprint recognition to maximize security on your information.

Your information can be backed up either to iCloud or iTunes. This way you won’t have to recreate it all when you change phones or lose yours.

When attempts are made to break-in, you are alerted. This is important as hackers don’t distinguish between actual apps and password storage apps. On a lighter side, each account you create can be represented by an icon, of which there are 340 to choose from in the app.

The app itself is free to download but does require a subscription for the Premium level of features which unlocks all features such as unlimited passwords count, use of Touch ID and Face ID when you open the app, quick autofill of passwords and login information.

Premium subscriptions include Premium Unlimited at $19.99, Premium 365 at $9.99/year and Premium 30 at $1.99/month.

To use Passwords Keeper, you do have to create an account, and from there all you do is add accounts along with their credentials. Additions are easy and straightforward, and you can fix things as needed.

What is not super clear in the description of the app is whether or not you can use it without a subscription (i.e. not the Premium subscription). It would be nice to state whether or not there is a free version of the app you can use. That said, I have to question the viability of how well a free app would keep my data safe.

I tried out the Premium Subscription for one month and was happy with the results. I no longer had to remember the details of how to get into the various accounts I have, and I was able to use unique passwords for each, keeping my accounts secure and improving my accessibility to all of them.


Rating: 10/ 10
Price: Free

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