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Your Perfect Travel Companion for Tracking Fuel Expenses: Fuel Tracker App

According to a recent Forbes Advisor article, 49% of Americans plan to travel more in 2023. And the top 3 reasons are: visiting loved ones, embarking on road trips, and enjoying beach vacations. If you’re among those planning a trip real soon, it’s only natural to be concerned about fuel costs. Planning and tracking fuel costs during journeys is crucial for effective budget management and fuel efficiency.

Introducing Fuel Tracker, an ultra-useful app that helps you track fuel expenses and stay on budget. Developed by Fearcoder, this app is available for free on the Play Store. Say goodbye to fuel expense uncertainties and hello to effortless expense splitting with friends. 

Unlike apps that require sign-up and feature complex user interfaces, Fuel Tracker offers refreshing simplicity. All you need to do is click the installed app icon, enter the relevant data, and start tracking. The best part? No sign-up or verification is needed.

To begin, enter the distance, price per liter, fuel efficiency (per 100 miles), and number of passengers. Fuel Tracker calculates the total cost, individual share, distance (miles), and usage (per mile) in seconds. Add routes to favorites, label them, and retrieve fuel costs, distances, and other details quickly. This streamlines your planning process for repeated journeys and makes it easier to compare fuel expenses between trips.

Imagine you and your friends just had a blissful exotic group vacation. The memorable trip might quickly turn into a logistical headache while splitting fuel expenses. Disagreements and confusion over who owes what may dampen the mood. That’s where Fuel Tracker comes in handy. Effortlessly share the fuel cost calculations with your friends on WhatsApp and split expenses in a breeze. Your friends will receive a clear and itemized cost breakdown, ensuring transparency. And if your friends still don’t pay up, you can always threaten to share all the embarrassing photos from the trip!

Fuel Tracker’s Global Settings section proves useful for those trips across countries or regions. Varying currencies, exchange rates, distance units, and fuel prices create unnecessary stress during long travel. With the app, you can easily select your preferred currency, distance unit (miles, kilometers), and energy source unit (gallons, liters, and kilowatt hours). Whether you are road-tripping through the US or Europe, the app will provide accurate fuel expense calculations tailored to the unit and currency you have set. Travel with confidence, no matter where the road leads you.

While using Fuel Tracker, you may encounter occasional ads. It can be bothersome initially. However, those ads help you download and use the app for free. By tolerating them, you can enjoy all the powerful features, making it a worthwhile trade-off for an efficient travel experience.

With intuitive features, expense splitting, and user-friendly global settings, Fuel Tracker will be your perfect travel companion. Fuel your travels efficiently – download the app now and hit the road with ease!

get it on google playRating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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