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Hit Click Counter Helps You Stay Organized

Even if you are a master procrastinator (don’t worry, Leonardo Da Vinci was as well), another productivity tool is on the shelf, and we are going to delve into whether it can help you across your day or not. Let’s admit that someone tugging you on (in this case, Hit Click Counter) helps. But how good is this app against other productivity apps?

Credit where due – the daily and total counter (yes, both in the same app and accessible with a single tap) are a winner. The counters record data and progress over varied periods, and you can view how good (or bad) you have been doing. What gets measured gets done, remember? On top of that, you have different formats for data presentation. That’s particularly commendable because some presentation methods stick with someone (I love histograms, my friend likes Pie Charts), and some don’t.

Next up I must acknowledge the range of customization options in the apps. You don’t like vibrations? Not a worry, just turn it off. Bothered by sound? The app’s settings got it all. And for the boomers, the introductory app tour does a good job of telling where each option is located.

But rarely does any one of us stick with a single device throughout the day. Hit Click Counter has got you covered. It synchronizes across multiple devices, giving you the flexibility to juggle between devices (yes, it ensures that you can truly be productive throughout the day).

There are a few catches though. Most of them use other productivity apps throughout the day and have been doing so for a while. The app lacks integration with these productivity tools. Further, the interface is, simply put, boring. I mean, sometimes I open apps merely because they look good, Hit Click Counter has a long way to go before making it to that list. The soft color choice, however, I must appreciate. It gives you this feeling of warmth, simplicity, and positivity. I have used productivity apps (we don’t call names, do we?) that stress you out as soon as you open them with the long list of notifications and boards on the home screen. Hit Click counter has all those options, all the while being enjoyable.

Summing it up, the App is good. It’s new to the market and needs some touchups, but I can see it going a long way. The features offered are solid, with a few things you may not find in other apps. For example, the app takes care of your religious productivity as well. Whatever religion you are from, be it your Mantras or your Tasbih you are trying to record, Hit Click Counter will help you out. The developer has set out with the right tone, and I can see the Hit Click Counter reaching heights one day.

I’d say, give it a download and see for yourself.


Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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