Spirit Run Tempts You to Keep Playing

Spirit Run app

Spirit Run is a multiplayer retro style game from the famous creators of Zombie Run. This game is very similar to the other RUN games where you choose power ups and cross obstacles / enemies on the way. You can either play with your other friends in your contact list or compete with random players that the game chooses for you. On the main screen as you open the game, you see the default character chosen with the available gems

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Spirit Run – Swap Souls to Save an Aztecan Temple

Spirit Run

The apocalypse is upon the Aztecs and it is up to you to stop it!  Looking for a different kind of adventure that is familiar yet interesting, all at the same time? Then look no further than the latest gift from RetroStyle Games. Yes, gift. For a limited time, the makers of Zombie Run HD are offering, for free, a game that has you running stone paths, rickety wooden bridges and taking hairpin turns to collect life-renewing gemstones and stay

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