Tears of the Machine Uncovers Your Past

Tears of the Machine app

We saw Tears of the Machine about one year ago and it brought a whole new offering to the defender game by meshing together a mystery set in a dream amidst a battle that you must forge through to find your identity. Last year, the pieces of the saga were all separated. In the newly released extended edition, the creator has brought together the Prologue with Episodes 1 and 2. So, you as the player can consecutively work your way

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Tears of the Machine – Total Recall in a Game

Many defender games are founded on friction between factions, but Tears of the Machine brings a storyline full of unanswered questions and mysterious memories into a battle to defeat the enemy and discover where you came from. Creatively quartered into four episodes, this app overflows with adventure, challenging you to defeat the Global Order Coalition, all while you maintain your quest to discover the identity of the girl that haunts your dreams. Set in 2085, this game finds you awakening

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