Mr.Apple Please Come Out of Your Obsession for Secrecy

Not only the competitors, it also hurts the consumers

Apple fans really want the cool tech giant to be open about its upcoming products and future plans.

We all know Apple’s obsessions with secrecy, but still it is a mystery why it is so adamant in not throwing away this bad habit. According to critics, this secrecy is against the transparent development efforts of open source projects. Microsoft, for example, has a history of providing detailed roadmaps of future plans.


Apple has always tried to maintain a close environment, which often turns unfriendly for press and also for consumers. Few months back, it has unveiled the new version of iPad 2, to the astonishment of many, it hadn’t even disclosed the fact that they were going to show iPad 2 in the event. It had only given few hints in the invitation. That’s all you can expect from Apple.

Not only about the products, it is also determined about maintaining secrets about its CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs, who had undergone a surgery for liver transplantation, is on a medical leave now. The company is yet to issue an official statement about his health status now. It helps rumor mongers to circulate unwarranted stuffs about him.

The Cupertino tech giant may think that the element of surprise may help the sales of its products, but it will give a bad image to the company in the long run. For example, many people had bought the first version of iPad just before unveiling the iPad 2 as they were not sure about the Apple’s plan for the next version of tablet. After launching the iPad 2, it dropped the price of iPad 1 and had to return the difference in price to the recent buyers. This is just ridiculous and the buyers really don’t like to see it like this.

It is an era of transparency and people like to know everything, even some classified information of governments. Apple has already attained a position and it can afford to drop tidbits of information about its inner workings now. Will Jobs think about it?

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