Apple’s Success Story Under Steve Jobs

Welcome to Apple’s era It looks like Steve Jobs had done some wonders to the Apple to make it grow this big. Let us look at some of the facts that highlight the astonishing growth of Apple. After being fired in 1984, Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997. When he returned the value of Apple’s one share is US $3.19. Within 10 years he made it to reach US $200 and when left Apple last month the company’s share

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Steve Jobs Sells Tea in Taiwan

A New Job For Jobs A Taiwanese tea company promotes its product with a commercial that features an alleged Steve Jobs lookalike. Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple has the habit of unveiling new products of the company. A Taiwanese tea manufacturer has come up with an interesting idea to promote their tea Tong Yi Cha. But, why did they choose Steve Jobs look alike? This ad is a promotion in which you can win an iPad 2 every week.

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Mr.Apple Please Come Out of Your Obsession for Secrecy

Not only the competitors, it also hurts the consumers Apple fans really want the cool tech giant to be open about its upcoming products and future plans. We all know Apple’s obsessions with secrecy, but still it is a mystery why it is so adamant in not throwing away this bad habit. According to critics, this secrecy is against the transparent development efforts of open source projects. Microsoft, for example, has a history of providing detailed roadmaps of future plans.

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