Apple’s Success Story Under Steve Jobs

Welcome to Apple’s era

It looks like Steve Jobs had done some wonders to the Apple to make it grow this big. Let us look at some of the facts that highlight the astonishing growth of Apple.

After being fired in 1984, Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997. When he returned the value of Apple’s one share is US $3.19. Within 10 years he made it to reach US $200 and when left Apple last month the company’s share was sold for US $373.72. However, after his news of resignation, it was dropped 5%. Steve Jobs had been getting US $1 a year as compensation for being the CEO of the company, while his personal value lies in all stock. According to Forbes, he is the 110th richest person in the world with personal fortune worth US $8.3 billion.


On the other side, Apple too had crossed many milestones under the leadership of Jobs. More than 25 million people have registered with iTunes, iBooks and App Store while more 15 billion songs have been downloaded from the iTunes. The Cupertino tech giant has been operating more than 300 stores in 11 countries including United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Germany.

If you want to know company’s achievement on the gadget side, please see the infographics presented above.

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