iPhone – A Story of Domination

Do you know these amazing facts? 

After its launch in 2007, iPhone has taken the world by a storm. This story of success involves some amazing facts.

In the U.S., iPhone was launched initially with AT&T network and during February 2011, Verizon launched iPhone in its network. In a month’s time Verizon had managed to attract 2.2 million users. In 113 countries, which include Liechtenstein, Macao and Saudi Arabia, Apple has sold more than 100 million iPhones.


iphone-factsAt present there are more than 413,000 apps available at the App Store. Games is the most popular category with 15% share, while Books holding 13.5%. Entertainment (10.8%) and Education (8.9%) are the other popular categories closely follow them. Every day iPhone users spend 1 million hours playing Angry Birds, the most popular game for the platform.

For other interesting facts, please see the infographics.

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