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Help!! Zombies Provides Hours of Entertainment

Generation Zombie make notethere is a new game in town and its a download like no other. Help!! Zombies is a single-player runner game that provides endless hours of fun and entertainment. You think watching stuff about zombies is fun, wait until you try this game.

Free to download, Help!! Zombies puts you in the thick of things. As a zombie apocalypse survivor, you are surrounded by hordes of dead come to life, as they creepily emerge from the shadows in search of life to prey on.

You must be quick on your feet to outrun and survive. What is really neat about the game is that it evolves with the seasons. In October, players found themselves immersed in everything Halloween. Now its November, and the fun explodes with Thanksgiving mayhem.

As a runner, you not only have to run away from the zombies to stay alive, you also need to avoid obstacles that might slow you down. As you run around you also have a chance to collect coins and gather points by knocking down flamingos and other prize bearing items.

These coins can then be used to purchase new characters, so you become a new runner. What is really cool about the game is that as you move through the different procedurally generated levels with success, you enter increasingly more interesting and challenging worlds that bump the excitement level up a few notches.

Easy to play, the game moves along smoothly with simple taps. You simply tap away to move your player and as the player hits coin-bearing objects, the coins automatically get counted. Make note that you will find yourself moving back and forth quite often to keep clear of the zombies, but take care to move carefully and not overstep your mark – which can be easy to do.

What keeps the game fresh and alive is that every so often there are new hiccups to avoid and even new objects to collect.

If you should be lucky enough to crawl out of a level, you get to open up a reward chest that lets you choose new characters based on your coin count. This selection of over 50 characters is what makes the game rock. I really found the selection fascinating and it pulled me into the game even more.

What really sets Help!! Zombie from so many other zombie runner games is that it is set in a 3D space, which allowed me to immerse myself in the app even more.

What I did not find too appealing was the Minecraft look and feel. Seems to be a big hit with gamers all over, but personally, I find it antiquated and annoying. The Android version can be downloaded from here.

Help!! Zombie is fun entertainment that takes you back to the days of arcade game playing. Download quick to get it on the November action.


Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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