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TooFar Media – Story App that Harmonizes the Senses

App experiences differ from gaming to artistic entertainment, from brain challenges to social media. Every so often, you will find an app that offers more for minds that want to grow through imagination and exploration.

Rich Shapero’s TooFar Media: Immersive Story Experience is for folks who seek to escape the everyday and submerge themselves in an experience that transforms.

The app comes preloaded with one story. There are three more you can download, so be sure to have proper internet connectivity beforehand.

Rich Shapero’s stories, Arms from the Sea, The Hope We Seek, Too Far, and Wild Animus plunge readers into unseen worlds. His projects—all available inside of this app—combine fiction, music and visual art.

As soon as you open the app, you will immediately notice the difference between this app other reader types of apps. While this is not a generic book reader, where you can download the four storytelling projects and read to your heart’s content. By experiences, I mean stories that are enhanced to stimulate a variety of senses, not just what you read and picture in your head.

TooFar Media

Each is unique and presents a story like no other. To go along with each story is what seems like an endless assortment of songs that help you feel the story. The story is not enhanced through sounds alone, but through visuals, as well. The artistry that envelopes each page is one that rivals almost any museum. While modernistic, it was still a treat, and it harmonized so well with the story that was played out.

I flipped the pages by doing something I have never done before. TooFar has you get to the next page of each story by swiping using both thumbs from the middle outward. It’s like parting the Red Sea. Well, maybe not that dramatic, but it sure was a neat way to get into a book.

Then to move from book to book, you swipe on the app left or right. Moving around into specific places in the app was a little difficult at first, but I eventually found a way to jump directly to a page.

I couldn’t recommend this app enough. If you have never experienced an immersive reading experience before and you love a good story, then TooFar Media is the app to download. You will wonder what you’ve been doing without it.


Rating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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