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Tower Challenge – Test Deft and Dexterity to Build the Tallest Tower

If you like to build and balance structures, then Tower Challenge is an app worth a download. It’s a game where you are given a foundation piece and then another piece to stack on top. As each new piece appears, you tap on it and then tilt your device to make slight adjustments you think you need to make it fit well on the base below it while maintaining a platform for future pieces.

This game is kind of similar to the old arcade game of where the shapes would fall from the top of the screen and you had to fit them into place, all the while making sure you built a full line across so that it would clear up that line, or lines, giving you more space to play. If you did not stack the shapes correctly, you would run out of space and the game would end.

Tower Challenge is not quite like that, but similar in that you get one piece at a time. It appears on the screen and it’s your job to lay the piece on top of the stack that is already there. When the game starts, your foundation is a long rectangle block. The game then gives you addition shapes to place on the stack you build. The blocks could be squares or rectangles of different sizes and thickness. You have to quickly judge where you want the new block to fall by tilting your device to angle the block, and then tapping the tower to let it fall into place.

The game starts off with a simple and informative tutorial that shows you how the tilt works and how to let the block fall in just the right place. If you stack up your blocks incorrectly, without balance, then your tower will fall. Place the blocks well, and you will have a tower that tops all.

The game was a little hard to get used to. I found myself overcompensating and tilting more than needed. Most of the time my blocks would fall off into oblivion, never to be seen again. I would have a hard time coordinating between the tilts and the taps, so eventually, time would run out and I would have to start all over again

As with all games, Tower Challenge takes time to master. The more you play, the better idea you get on how to accurately adjust your device to position the next block just right so it falls on its landing pad, aiding you in your assembly of a masterpiece.

If possible, a cool improvement would be to add a few active practice sessions, as the tutorial really doesn’t mimic you doing anything while you watch it. It merely runs through a video clip to show you what happens.

As a test of dexterity and patience, Tower Challenge is a different kind of game that is sure to add some variety to your gaming coffers.


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: $0.99

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