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I am sure there are many out there who have their lives together, or a personal assistant to put it together for them. Most of us do not have that luxury, and need to stay on time by ourselves. This free app will now make your whole life easier. The ATracker is a daily time track and logging app that is here to make your life so much easier.

It features a customizable complete timesheet and activity, personalized by you. You can go and see your activities at any time and date, in the week or list calendar view. You can also log your activity that you missed and modify the entries manually if you need to.

For the business type, or if you are using this to organize your business tasks, you can use the chart setting. This feature is priceless; you can view statistical reports in the beautiful pie chart or bar graph. You can even share these reports through social media, like Facebook and Twitter. Now, your employees will not crowd the break room for those weekly meetings! You can print these reports as well.

Most impressive is the data exportation. You can export data and reports in CSV format, there is even a customizable date format so you can never get mixed up. You can even open it outside of the app in Excel or Numbers for even more processing.

All of your activities can be grouped as well, and you can filter all of your tasks under the ‘Today’ tab. Group your tasks into work agenda, free time tasks, and so forth. This will be used to filter tasks on the main tab and in the data reports with the dig-in feature.

The possibilities are nearly endless with this app that is what I like the most. You can add notes to the timesheet and activity log, and you can even have more than one task running at the same time. So you can record entries for commuting and reading with a overlapping time period. How cool!

Another great thing about this app is its simple graphice. I love how you can easily see every tab, read it quickly, and not get confused. It is user friendly, and fool proof!

Our days are precious, and so is our time. We have a lot of things to keep up with; school, work, the household, and much more. ATracker adheres to that and makes it easy to stay on time, and stay calm.

get it on google playRating: 10/ 10

Price: Free

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