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MAYU – Animate Your Messaging with Style

Sending texts is fun. Sending fun text messages is even better. Make your messaging say more with Mayu – the one and only messaging animation app that’s super easy to use and a blast to receive. Your friends and family will love what you send!

To start, download the free app and then explore. Immediately, you’ll be prompted to provide access to your photos. I would select Yes if you want Mayu to be able to send photos from your device’s library. From there, you’ll see a screen full of pictures. These are some beautiful shots that Mayu has collected and provided for your use.

At the very top of the screen, you’ll see three icons. The leftmost is to take a picture using your device’s camera. You can then use this photo to make changes. The second icon takes you to your photos. The last icon is to select a picture from Mayu’s library.

There are several features and fonts to choose from and many ways in which to add to photos you already have, pics that Mayu already has, and pics you can take on the spot.

Features include:

  • Sending text messages with entertaining animation. There are over 30 to choose from.
  • Create unique intros to your YouTube videos
  • Add stickers that move to your pictures. Choose from a selection of over 200 stickers.
  • Add frames to embellish images you share. You have over 90 animated backgrounds to choose from.
  • Messages and posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Messenger can also be enhanced
  • Share you newly created GIF and MOV on a variety of social media

When you tap on the down arrow, you will come to the area of the app that allows you to add the fun stuff – the animated text, the frames, and more. You can select your favorite font, change its color and size, or you can select a frame. The frames were extremely wild and colorful – sure to add excitement to any message you send.

The third icon is the sticker area. Here, you can select from a variety of images to add to your photo or message. The neat part is that they move!! Like the sleeping dragon that yawns, or the skull that looks left and right.

What was a bit difficult for me to figure out was how to remove a sticker or frame from my edit window. I kept selecting stickers to see what they did, but was unable to remove the previous ones, so they started stacking on top of one another.

This app is loads of fun for anyone of any age. You can add so much interest to your photos and message that you send to family and friends, to help put a smile on someone’s face. Try Mayu today!!


Rating: 8/10
Price: Free

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