Worldwide-Marketplace – An App for Ads

Read and place ads for free! 

The innovation in apps on mobile phones, of course has been staggering and what they bring to the mobile experience has been an exhilarating technological advancement. Now we can rightly consider that the attention has been shifted from the PC to the mobile. This review is about an innovative new app.

Worldwide-Marketplace, developed by Peter Gehrein, provides free space for advertisement. Let me explain the idea briefly. After downloading Worldwide-Marketplace for free of cost, users can see advertisements and more importantly post advertisements for free. These advertisements will be placed in the app for the period of up to 4 months in up to 17 languages all over the world.


Worldwide-Marketplace has three main areas – Read classified ads, Keyword search and Own advertisement. However, users need to set the location before using this by tapping on the name of the language. After this, they can search and read the ads that are placed inside the app for the particular location.

To post an ad, users have to visit Own advertisement and input details like Name, Street, Location, Phone, E-Mail, Homepage, Advertisement Category, Image, Text and Duration. Sharing these ads with their friends on Facebook and Twitter is possible with it. This app also comes integrated with other networks like Instagram and StudiVZ. As everything is offered at free of cost, this service could gain popularity soon.


The App Store description speaks a lot about Worldwide-Marketplace and it also has a good website. However, it would be great if the developers could place some details about this service inside the app. Moreover, some of the menu items are in German. Let us hope that they would change it when they update the app. Worldwide-Marketplace has a lot of ads for US and European users, but it doesn’t have much reach in Asian and African regions.

Worldwide-Marketplace is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 3.1 or later. This app is available on Android too and there is also a web service ( As it costs nothing to download, browse and post ads, this effort certainly needs to be appreciated.

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