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6 Most Expensive App Store Apps

You go to the App Store, and see an interesting application or game, but you feel sorry for spending 10-20 dollars on it. Do you think this is the limit? Believe me, there are some expensive apps in the App Store that you will definitely not be able to afford. In this article, we will talk about the most expensive applications.

Vizzywig 8HD

Vizzywig 8HD is a video shooting and editing application. According to the assurances of the developers, it allows you to shoot videos with a resolution of 3264 × 2448 pixels. Today, the price of the application is only $100, but initially, this amount was much more – as much as $1000.

When opening the camera from the program interface, you will see not only the standard keys but also a panel with editing tools. With their help, you can easily rewind videos and remove unnecessary moments, apply color filters, crop and rotate the image, add captions, and so on. After the video is recorded, it will also be possible to make minor edits and add musical accompaniment to it. The program also supports the ability to split the screen into two parts and record two independent videos.

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine is expensive because it is not an appendix, but rather a scientific work for those who study medicine. The developers position their product as “the most reliable textbook on medicine.” The app price is $200.

TouchChat AAC with Word Power

The application was created for those who have difficulty communicating. For people with autism, Down syndrome, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and apraxia. The app costs $300.

With the help of pictures with large captions, the user can type those messages that he cannot say. The developers have used simple and clear graphics, which makes TouchChat accessible to children and persons with disabilities. Versions for iPhone and iPad will have to be purchased separately. TouchChat HD supports downloading third-party dictionaries if English is not enough.

Mobile Cam Viewer

Mobile Cam Viewer allows you to maintain security with surveillance cameras. The application does not recognize all camera models, but several people can monitor them at the same time. The app cost is $350.

Mobile Camera Viewer provides remote video surveillance using cameras connected to a cloud video surveillance service based on the ExtCam platform. As a rule, Internet providers and mobile operators implement the ExtCam platform for their users. If your provider has not yet implemented this service, then the Mobile Camera Viewer application will not work, as registration with the service is required. If you are not sure, check with your ISP if it is connected to the ExtCam platform.

iDIA – Diagnostic Imaging Atlas, Small Animal

iDIA is intended for veterinarians and helps to identify animal diseases. This application allows you to upload photos by which the device automatically determines the disease in the animal. This is very convenient not only for veterinarians but also for ordinary people who eat pets. The cost of this application is $400.

Alpha Trader

Toolkit for investors and financial analysts. Displays fluctuations in quotes in real-time, notifies you of a sharp jump in stock prices, and shows charts, and much other valuable information. The app costs $550.

There are a huge number of applications in the App Store, and if some of them are absolutely useless, then there are those that really make life much easier for a person, so their high cost is largely justified.

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