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Drink Agenda – Stay Motivated to Drink Less

As you count your drinks, remain cool. Stay motivated to drink less, stay under moderate (low-risk) alcohol limits, and save money. Track, comprehend, and effect change for the better!

In a way that other applications don’t, Drink Agenda demystifies alcohol units (also known as standard drinks). The standards for moderate drinking are confusing to the general public, and Drink Agenda clarifies what they imply.

Drink Agenda is your alcohol intake journal. It helps you track what you consume and when to hold yourself responsible. This accountability is crucial for motivating you to make changes like cutting down on your drinking, choosing lighter drinks, or attempting a sober streak.

However, not every beer, wine, or shot is created equal. We consume our beer, wine, and spirits in available containers without giving them a second thought. Instead of considering our consumption in alcohol units (also known as standard drinks) or grams of pure alcohol (the basis of moderate drinking guidelines), these units or grams are not taken into account.

Drink Agenda makes it easier to learn more about the beverages you consume and how many calories and alcohol they contain. Tracking your alcohol use can assist you in moderation or cut down, whether following a doctor’s advice, saving money, or losing weight.

Drink Agenda is no different than making someone’s life easier and healthier. The software provides a drinking approach that makes consuming alcohol more beneficial and quantifiable. This smartphone app uses personal data to generate a drinking schedule. The data collected includes; personal information like your email address, other in-app messages, app activity, and interactions, app information, performance, the device used, or other IDs. The main work of the Drink Agenda is to track the daily and weekly alcohol consumption rate. The app also observes aims like weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

You can record alcohol intake every day. A goal reminds you of the reason behind controlled drinking. The idea is very much personal as you are required again to evaluate objectives so the goal of your relationship with alcohol can be accomplished. Drink Agenda also calls for updated priority and well-informed strategy and tactics for alcohol regulation. It would help if you also inquired about detailed reports to review the past and analyze to see the progress. Drink Agenda also allows you to export your data for inspiration to others or for any other use.

The procedure for accessing the drink agenda app is simple. You are required to download it from the Play Store. You only have to use Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Apple accounts to create an account and sign in. From then, the passwords and login details will be saved, and it will be simple to access the app anytime.

You can monitor your alcohol consumption reduction efforts with the aid of Drink Agenda. This software allows you to establish objectives and compile a list of personal reasons to maintain good health, so it’s more than a drink counter.


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