Thwart – Kill the Time with Colorful Blocks

It is addictively simple! 

Billions of iPhone games have been sold over the last few years. They are the major attraction for iPhone users since the early days when the iPhone was introduced. However, searching for a good game at the App store has always been complicated. Let me introduce an impressive new game in this review.

Thwart, developed by Thwart Games, is an iPhone app that tests luck and intelligence of the players. After launching Thwart, users could see four sections in the Main MenuNew Game, Getting Started, Options and About. Users can start playing by tapping New Game and choosing a game from Select Game screen.


It has seven games – Singles, Doubles, Triples, Quads, Singles +, Mixtures and Mixtures +. The rules are pretty much the same for all these games – placing the tiles on to the board in a variety of patterns. The board has 16 squares where the tiles need to be placed. In Singles, same colored tiles cannot be placed next to each other while in Doubles two tiles of the same color should be placed next to each other.

The other games too are similar in rules. I think Quads is the easiest game as any one could win even when playing for the first time. Thwart can be played as solo or between 2 to 4 players. If the users like to spice things up, they can enable the countdown clock. Hints option is there to help when they struggle.


When the developers update Thwart, they need to work on the interface I think. It is easy to navigate around, but it doesn’t have a pleasing look. Maybe a better background and better fonts could do the trick. Apart from this, we couldn’t point out any other thing as a downside for this impressive app.

Thwart was launched only a few days ago. We checked the first version and there were no crashes. This game is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 3.1 or later. As Thwart is a game for all ages, it certainly deserves a try!

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