Developers and Users Prefer iPhone over the Android

Other interesting details from two latest researches

Two independent studies reveal that not only customers users too are preferring iPhones over the Androids.

iPhone and Android running smartphones are the top competitors in the mobile device market. Android had been providing a tough fight for Apple’s mobile devices, but things have changed very much now. Two independent studies done by Flurry and ChangeWave have revealed this. Let us look at the facts revealed by ChangeWave study, which is based on a poll conducted on June 4.


Over 46 percent of users wanted to buy an iOS device, while 32 percent of users preferred Android device and 4 percent of them wanted to buy a BlackBerry device.

70 percent of iPhone users are very satisfied with their device while 50 percent of Android users expressed a same sentiment.

27 percent of Windows OS users and 26 percent of BlackBerry users said they were very satisfied. Among Windows users 57 percent of Windows Phone 7 users were very satisfied with their device while 14 percent of Windows Mobile OS users were happy with their mobile.

29 percent of existing Apple users and 13 percent of non-Apple owners said iCloud could make them more likely to buy Apple products.


The Flurry reveals the data it has tracked from developers. It states

During the second quarter of this year Android holds only 28 percent in the total app development projects startups. 57 percent of projects were attracted by iPhone and iPod Touch app development, while iPad attracts 15 percent.

In the first quarter Android was in a better position with grabbing 36 percent of project startups and iPhone got 54 percent, leaving 10 percent for iPad app project startups.

According to experts, these facts reveal the impact of the launch of Verizon iPhones and iPad 2. We think Android can provide a fitting reply to the challenge of Apple.


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