Google is Accused Again for Not Playing Fair

Search giant faces the heat as a latest report accuses

FTC scrutinizes Google for deceptive practices when it comes to online search and search advertising.

Federal Trade Commission is an independent agency of United States of America that runs for the promotion of consumer protection and the elimination and prevention of what regulators perceive to be harmfully anti-competitive business practices. In its report named Googleopoly VIII* The FTC’s Antitrust Investigation of How Google’s Deceptive & Predatory Search Practices Harm Consumers,” it accuses Google of allegedly deceptive practices when it comes to online search and search advertising.


This report is prepared by industrial analyst Scott Cleland. He claims,  “Google’s deceptive search practices manipulate search results to anti-competitively advantage some Google content and disadvantage some competitors’ content, all while misrepresenting to the public that Google’s search business is unbiased and never manipulates search results.”

However, Google rubbishes this report by calling it as “absurd”. A spokesperson of the company responds, “Our search results are designed to answer people’s questions, and that’s the only consideration–not political viewpoints, not advertising dollars.” According to tech experts Google is winning at capitalism, where it is an unscripted law to crush the competition and wind up with a monopoly.

Please visit here to get the full report.

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