Google Ruins Our Memory, Research Says

Brain has been adopting a new method to reorganize things

A research conducted by Columbia University concludes that search engines like Google are affecting the way we remember things.

Psychologists from Columbia University conducted a series of experiments to find the impact of search engines on our brain. This study was released yesterday. It says Google and internet in general have offloaded memory demands from our brain onto the machines. Human brain is adopting a new method to reorganize where should it go for information.


Betsy Sparrow, an assistant professor of Columbia University who participated in this research said, “Our brains rely on the Internet for memory in much the same way they rely on the memory of a friend, family member or co-worker. We remember less through knowing information itself than by knowing where the information can be found.”

This paper titled Google Effects on Memory: Cognitive consequences of Having Information at Our Fingertips” is published today on the journal Science.


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